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dawn of war patch

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    dawn of war patch

    So when i try to download the patch in the game nothing happens.AS far as i can tell pathc 1.4 is the latest so i wanted to now whether i can

    download it manually and then patch the game.

    Also is there a lot of people playing dawn of war orginal or should i just wait for next month when i get dawn of war 2


    wait a second this is not a dawn of war forum because that is what I googled no wonder nobody has replied yet.I go look for a dawn of war forum

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    There is a Dawn Of War section in this forum

    Give it a try there.
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    thread moved!


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    1.51 is the latest patch for the original DoW. Downloading and manually patching the game up will work in the same way, so you should be fine.

    The number of online players isn't particularly high, as to be expected from a 7 year old game. Still, its a fantastic game and heaps of fun online so I'd say sign in and hope theres a game going.

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    google for "dawn of war 1.51 filefront"

    I have no clue if this will work with all mods though. I recently snatched DowPro:SS + AI mod, will test and see if it works.
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