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question about manpower points and ai

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    taco surprise

    question about manpower points and ai

    so i have been playing the single player version for awhile and was wondering about manpower points. i recently finished a hard game where i went 167 kills vs. 6. the thing i don't understand is the computer finished w/ under 14,000 manpower points. when the game ended he still had about 8 guys alive when i finished off last building. so he built around 175 units w/ under 14,000 manpower points. so in the end he was spending around 80 manpower points a unit. not to mention the amount he had to spend on buildings. is this normal? is this just the advantage the computer gets to make the game more challenging?

    nevermind, i was thinking about it and he did spam a lot of cheap 4/ 5 man squads so i think the math works out.... mods can delete if they want. sometimes it just feels like your killing the living crap out of them and they produce more units than you can kill...
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    that's probably because the AI gets a manpower bonus

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    AI tend to use medic bunkers often though... so yeah that might be a factor :P I know what you mean though when they pump infantry out faster than you can kill them!! annoying! (but fun haha)

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