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2 vs. 2 AT?

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    2 vs. 2 AT?


    What the difference between 2 vs. 2 classic match and 2 vs. AT match?

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    A classic 2v2 match sees you matched with a random teammate, and you play against two randomly matched players on an opposing team.

    A 2v2 AT match (the AT stands for "Arranged Team") is a match in which you and someone you've invited to join your game fights against another team that have pre-arranged their members.

    Classic 2v2 tends to be more random - you can get matched with people, or against people, who are much lower or much higher level than you.

    2v2 AT matches tend to be much more competitive, and harder, as the teams have established tactics, are used to playing with one another, and often communicate with voice chat.

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    is it me or 2v2 AT never works. I don't think there are enough 2v2 team players that go on. I wish relic will just mix the 2v2 AT & 2v2 classic. I love how 1v1 automatch gets me in a game so quickly. But when i want to play with my friend in 2v2 it takes a lonnnnggg time.

    I know some people argue that 2v2 AT has an unfair advantage over people that don't. But to me, i don't care about ranking. I care about having fun and playing evenly matched teams. If a 2v2 AT keeps winning, then they will level up and eventually play good players that are NOT AT, and it would be evenly matched games. Isn't this more important than the actual ranking?

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