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how many missions does dawn of war 2 have?

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    how many missions does dawn of war 2 have?

    dawn of war has only 11 missions.Big let down I thought to download the pacthes but it is not working so I decided to buy dawn of war 2 next week.

    So here is my questions how many missions does the game have and do you download the patch manually or can you download it through the game


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    First of all dow 1 with our with out expansions? because if you had all the expansion it be more than 11 missions. Now dow 2 vanillia or plus chaos rising. Or the solo man retribution. Retribution does not back stack with chaos rising and dow 2 vanillia because it stop supporting games for windows live. Also i guess you don't play online much so, retribution has about oh 10 missions, with each factions going through the similiar map with different branching endings for the ten, i may be wrong.
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    I am not going to bother with dawn of war expansions so I am going to buy dawn of war 2 direcly.I do play multi player a lot but still I would like to know whether dawn

    of war 2 has at least more than 11 missions

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    Dawn of War 2 in it's vanilla iteration features a metamap campaign over serveral planets on which plot essential missions and randomly generated missions take place. If you want to, you basically can play the campaign forever IIRC since there will always be new and more randomly generated missions until you actually take on the final plot mission. While I liked the concept, there were many how found the gameplay of the randomly generated missions too shallow and repetitive. So while the plot missions were pretty good and fun, the random things drag the campaign down.

    Addressing this in the expansion Chaos Rising, for CR's campaign Relic went for a more traditional railroaded, storydriven campaign with 15 missions, all very well done, both design- and storywise. The campaign that directly continues the DoW2 campaign - including enabling you to import your old charracters and parts of the equipment from the end of the vanilla campaign - was well recieved.

    The standalone addon Retribution features 6 campaigns - one for each race - though each campaign is basically the same missions with the story narrated from a different angle. IIRC it's round about 12 missions in each campaign.

    Both Dawn of War 2/Chaos Rising - since release of CR basically one game - and Retribution run on Steam, so the game autopatches unless you disable that.

    You really gotta decide - especially since you said that you wanted to do MP: While IMO the campaigns of vDoW2 and CR offer more in terms of single player gameplay than Retribution, the MP community has migrated to Retribution. You really won't find any games on GfWL anymore. Still, the SP content of vDoW2/CR is worth the few bucks that you need to shell out these days.
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    Dawn of War 2 vanilla definitely has far more than 11 missions, although the singleplayer gameplay is vastly different to DOW1 (no base building).

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    DoW2 vanilla actually has unending missions in campaign mode until you go on final mission. There are always randomly spawned missions kinda:
    "clear tha map > kill tha boss" and "defend large piece of junk". Relic removed that crap in CR and Retri however, but missions still like:
    "kill tha boss > defend some junk"... booooooring.
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