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Terminator / Space Hulk DLC

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    Terminator / Space Hulk DLC

    I run a Space Wolves chapter on the xbox of around 50 members and we're also part of the Gothic wars community which is around 300 members to date.

    A few days ago i was lucky enough to be invited, along with members of other chapters, to a private game with some of the THQ staff, and the chat got around to the subject of future DLC. The way it was left was that if we as a community can show enough interest in a single DLC idea then the contact in THQ will do their best and try and push it through.

    I have this post here and will be doing the same on the Gothic Wars, and i would ask for players on other platforms to do the same in their own communities, so that we cam maximise the numbers.

    Myself and others in the Gothic Wars have tested the ideas of what people most want and it seems to be that the most wanted content would be Terminator armour playing an Exterminatus style game on a Space Hulk vs Tyranids. So this is the content we are trying to push forward, and kindly note this thread is NOT for people to come with a whole bunch of ideas and suggestions, neither is it in any way or form a thread to post complaints about things such as balance and/or connection issues, but to get behind an idea that already has over 100 players backing it. If we can do this then the potential is there for future ideas to come.

    What we would like is for people to answer the following questions on the thread here, and also to send a response to the following mail address, to help co-ordinate the numbers onto one place.. space_wolves [at] live [dot] com

    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.

    This is a golden opportunity for the people who play and enjoy this game to be able to give some serious input into it's future, and i hope we can get a healthy response from people to be able to do this.

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    DLC? Nope, might be cool as a separate game though. But i in all honesty, wouldn't buy DLC for a half dead game, haven't even bought the dread/chaos unleashed DLCs, or any of the skins.
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    Well, to give it a shot...

    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    - Yes, I would - I haven't played Versus to any significant degree anyway and I got an Exterminatus Crew that I can ping and get into a game anytime, even if they don't have it installed anymore... they'll reinstall. And since I know they would buy something along this lines: Yes, I would. I'd by way more inclined to buy something like this than Dread Assault for example.

    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    - This depends on the actual content of the DLC - more than one Map for example - and the price.

    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    I guess I would pay something along the lines of 10 euros - that's the maximum amount I shell out for stuff I know that I won't be using forever (gamez-wise).

    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.
    Hmmmm... Never been much of a skin buyer for shooters. They would have to look really awesome or be pretty cheap. I bought my Blood Angels Veteran skin for SM back when they cost not much more than a dollar... So, no not really a selling point for me.
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    The short answer to all the above is: No.

    The problem with the game is not content. The game's netcode is in dire need of an overhaul on the PC, and without it, 4 player space hulk will just end up being a horrifically slow (slower than the terminators movement) lag fest of death for me.

    I cannot justify buying content for a game, when the content doesn't fix the fundamental problem with it. Not to say the game is unplayable - I've hit level 41, enjoyed playing with my friends, done lots of cool stuff (top leader boards repeatedly which makes my day). But then some cheap bastard lags into my face with a hammer and I can't do anything to stop him, and it happens no matter the gameplay mode, or the map, or whatever - then I'm upset.

    I will go out and say it like this:
    THQ lost a lot of face with me for how they handled the PC community for Space Marine.That isn't directed at Sledgehammer, who is only doing his job and can only formulate a response when he is allowed to, nor is it directed at Ruined whom has for a very long time been an excellent community man despite posting on these forums be as far off from his job description as a different path from his career could be. It is directed at the company who collectively have come across as not wanting to know.

    The issue has never been directly acknowledged by THQ as unacceptable and they have never plainly stated that they would not fix it. Which would of been the least of what I wanted.

    Relic did an excellent job with Space Marine, but they failed on the net-code/region filtering front. I imagine it wasn't high on their list of priorities - but it is on mine. Cost of a multiplatform game and the effort steamworks, I imagine.

    Space Hulk mode or no, I cannot play this game while it remains in the state where a four person co-operative mode is unplayable, and a lot of the unlock mechanics are retarded (another commonly levied complaint). I will not promise to buy additional content based on broken technology that isn't going to be fixed.

    Unfortunately I don't have the sway I used to with folk, so I'm just going to leave it at that. I strongly suggest you get a petition together, and once your good PM me and I'll send you the THQ email address I have (so that it attracts the correct attention, in case they were brushing you off).
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    Given that Exterminatus is, for me, perfectly playable, I would approach this with tentative hope. Anything to revitalise the MP of the game, which suffers from a critical lack of players.

    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes; depends on the quality of the new game mode; something as substantial as Chaos Unleashed, I would pay the market price for Chaos Unleashed.
    4. Yes; for the same price as the Chapter skins that they have previously released.
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    I would say yes to all but #4 because I haven't found a skin worth the extra cost. But looking at what is going on at THQ, I doubt that they are even willing to expand the game, primarily because it would certainly require new model and animation assets for tyranid creatures.

    Secondly, Space Hulk is a game of cramped corridors and may not fit the 'third person' view very well to make it worth investing the time. Had Space Marine started out as an FPS and not a TPS it would be more likely that it could be made. It is essentially a completely different game from the way Space Marine works.

    This doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it, just it doesn't make any sense in the current format which Space Marine was designed to encompass.

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    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC. yes... with extra maps and the unlocking of the chaos unleashed maps for all players
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC. yes
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC. yes.....dependent on quality of mode
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition. maybe....depend on the skin dloads available, would be better having a mix n match selection so its not attack of the clone termies

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    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.

    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.

    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    that depends on the content. Probably up to 10 euros, if its as much content as Chaos Unleashed.

    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.
    that depends on whether I like them or not. I've bought 3 or 4 skins so far out of the available ones, the others don't please me enough for the price.

    just as an aside, lag isn't nearly as much of a problem as it used to be. there are a lot of host migrations, but the gameplay itself has been fluid for me in versus.

    As for exterminatus i've experienced lag there, I don't know... twice?


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    Its' never going to happend, sorry.

    THQ financial position + the layoffs

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    I have to agree with shuma. if they manage to survive this bout of shitty luck, and manage to make a new Warhammer 40k SM game, and it alows you to play as a termy then maybe. They also should do an offline mode that allows 2 players.
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    This game was a total disaster (IMO) maybe if it would be a free DLC, but you know, nothing can save this game .
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    Apart from the above, Space Hulk would have been a much better choice for a good WH40k game.. it's something people have been asking for since, well.. Space Hulk.. :P
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    Sounds awesome. The fact that THQ contacted the community about future DLC rather than the other way around gives me some heart that it may actually happen. That said, it sounds awfully ambitious. They wouldn't be able to reuse any assets at all besides, what, the stormbolter? All new mechanics (I assume we won't be doing any tactical rolls in terminator armor, and they gotta let us wield a powerfist and storm bolter at the same time, right?), models, animations, etc for termies and nids alike.

    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    Yes... if it's good (duh).
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    This is kinda like pre-ordering a pre-order. I certainly would not commit to pre-ordering anything without even seeing so much as a single screenshot. However, if you showed me an in-game pic of a terminator powerfisting a genestealer I might.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    Again, it depends on the quality and amount of content. If it's a full-fledged exterminatus campaign like Chaos Rising and they don't try something halfassed like reskinning a choppa ork as a hormagant, I could go as high as $15-20, but probably $10.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.
    No. I bought some DoW2 skins but I used them like once apiece and reverted to my custom color schemes. It seems doubly pointless for Space Marine because the customiser is so awesome.
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    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.

    Yes, but only for a space hulk dlc though...

    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.


    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.

    As long as I can play space hulk singleplayer too, up to a total of 15 euro's (in holland we pay in euro's, so yeah...)

    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.

    A part of this sounds as a good idea but I won't buy any of the avaible skins though, as I like to create my own character from the part which are already there, or will be there for free

    At last I would really like to have the (possible) space hulk DLC to be playable in singleplayer...
    I hope that this possible DLC will resurrect the community

    space marine resurrection DLC... sounds good to me :P
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    I want to come back to this. I have changed my mind. I would buy this, I dunno if i could pre-order it cuz how tight the money is but yeah, i'd buy it

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    I created an account just to support this. I know not many will read this since i guess its been a while since anyone visited this forum[thread]. Anyways, before I start my rant about how cool this is going to be and place some wild ideas here, I'll answer the questions:

    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    Definitely, though as shuma and the others have stated, a stand alone game wouldn't be that bad either (expansion pack for the space marine franchise?) because what I'm currently thinking of might be far beyond what Space Marine engines could handle.
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    Given I have enough money Yes.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    This really depends on how well the DLC is made, if its just going to be a skin with a couple levels, I would only pay as much as 10~15 for it. I'm personally willing to pay a solid $20(cnd) for this DLC if it is going to be truly well made.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.
    No, Terminators are on a different scale to space marines. As much as I support the DLC, buying a skin for it is not in my list. Terminators are walking tanks, Space marines are good but terminators are just... you cant just dress your space marine as a terminator and walk around, getting one shot by a measly melta-gun to the face. Terminators can shake that off like a breeze.

    Now to begin my rant. (Feel free to skip to the bottom for a TL;DR).

    Space Hulk is, and will always be something to be remembered when you hear the term Space Marine.
    It is a massive flying vessel that was overrun by the Nids. The only thing left to do is to purge the Xenos scum, and to accomplish this, the emperor has sent the best of the best. The terminators.

    Going into the actual concept; the actual mission should be a long one. You are a terminator, slow, bulky, almost indestructible, and your to purge the xenos from an entire vessel that is the space hulk. That's not something that can be done in 5 minutes, or even 30.. It would be cool for the mission to be just one long sequence but if that isn't possible, it could sort of be like exterminatous (except a bigger more explorable map) where a certain task must be done in order to proceed to the next level, so on and so forth. It would be even cooler though (and more worth while as a DLC), if each person can move individually rather than as a whole group per map (IE. Exterminatus, when one stage is clear everyone moves to the next stage). Of course, this is going to be difficult because of the way Space Marines is designed.. Which is why a whole new standalone expansion isn't a bad idea, but if its possible to make this into a DLC, it would be awesome.

    The Atmosphere could be anything from a horror type to action packed. The Action aspect is really self explanitory (you're a freaking terminator), the reason for the horror aspect however, is the fact that only a couple terminators were sent to purge thousands of tyranids. I mean think about it, sure terminators are the most badass galactic doom bringers out there (aside from maybe Nobs. I love nobs.) but even a boulder gets smoothed into sand as time passes, which brings me to another point; Gameplay.

    This is going to be the part where a lot of work has to be done and with it comes a great DLC. I know that not a huge change can be made into the overall GUI, fighting, maximum number of players, multiplayer in general, spawn points, map changes... (as stated above) etc. But what could happen is that there are many different starting points for the terminators, lets just give a random number, say 10 (which means 10 different starting zones (This might be a bit big, but im just trying to get the concept across here)) and each zone can have a random number of terminators that spawn.. lets say 0-3 (so anywhere from 0 - 3 termies can spawn at each spawn point) and finally, the maximum number of terminators (players) is 12. (again just getting the concept across). So that would mean out of 10 spawns, only 4 might be used, or all might be used or anything inbetween. One spawn could have 3 guys, whereas another spawn could have just 1. You might be asking at this point.. Why..? Well here's why. I'm thinking this as a whole new DLC. Not a Exterminatus Terminators edition. Added to this is the fact that its fun to anticipate what outcome you will have; will you be with 2 other terminators ravaging their way to a central point? or will you be all alone fending of waves of hormogaunts, termagaunts and ripper swarms as you scream into the mic in desperate fear. You may say that being alone might e the worst but who knows? tyranids will go to where there's more noise and meat to deal with. Aside from this though, it gives a refreshing new aspect to Space marine; you don't march into battle arm in arm with 3 other brothers destroying hordes of green. Also to take note is that Terminators are really strong, and to get this point across, the terminators should be really, REALLY buff. The thing that makes it so you actually fear death (as a player, terminators don't fear death) and not unbelievably overpowered is the fact that you cant regenerate health or armor. Once its gone, its gone. Or if thats too hard core, then the armor and health should regenerate really REALLY slowly (in proportion to a space marine's maximum health, a terminators should be more than tripled it) Aside from buffing/nerfing the terminator themselves, another thing that could happen is that something stronger or just as strong as a terminator approaches.. Hive tyrant? CARNIFEX?? Whatever it is, it makes you feel weak even though your actually really strong. Early on in the game you would probably encounter lots of small stuff and make you way up to the higher end stuff. You have to rely on yourself if the worse comes to worst. The general point of the gameplay is the fact that its a new experience where you are an indestructible tank as well as a helpless lad stuck in a hive of tyranids, where the atmosphere is not only chaotic action but also surprising and horrifying.

    I think i got a clear concept of gameplay through so I'm going to move on to the characters aka Terminators themselves..

    Terminators, as I've mentioned before, are on a whole new level as opposed to Space marines. Killing nobs to them would be as easy as a one-two to the face. Having said that, making them ridiculously powerful would be fun to a certain extend, but then boring in another. So to balance this, instead of making them two shot a nob, Making them as durable as two times the nob would be a satisfying result. You will get the feeling of power as you take a beating and laugh as only a dot of your armor goes down. Of course, the tyranids needs to adjusted accordingly.. strength in numbers or an interesting thing would be synapse from a nearby "boss" unit or just a strong surpirse ambush by genestealers.. etc. Anyways, Terminators are strong, and durable.

    Customization of Terminators, like space marines, can be painted with pretty colors and armor pieces.
    The only difference here is the weapons. Terminators should be able to equip a weapon of mass destruction in either hand, (bolter in the right, power sword on the left, or thunder hammer on the left, shield on the right, etc.) with lots of weapons.. The major difference here is that when terminators can reach a certain level, they are able to equip shoulder-mounted weapons (like in DoW2, where you can get a terminator to have rocket barrage on the shoulder...) a bit of creativity will be needed in this, such as say, shoulder mounted rocket launcher which is an obvious one, or something i though up, a thermo add on which lets you see genestealers and other infiltrated baddies, etc. So a lot of creativity might be needed here.. Iron halo maybe?

    As I read and re read this rant, I'm starting to feel like a standalone game would be the best here. Since designing new units and such would take a long time just for a DLC that may or may not fly. I may be being all selfish and ignorant of the game developers here, and that is true, but that's only because I really want to see a space hulk game involving tons of action and its been a passion of mine to see and experience the space hulk.

    I'm all up for a Space Hulk/Terminator DLC, though a standalone game of it might be a better idea. There are a few things I would like to see in the game which includes separate player movement, Tyranids, Customizations, and the feeling of actually being a terminator. Aka strong as hell.

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    my 2 cents worth, why bother with DLC most of the time its just content they didn't put in the game to start with, still haven't played MP but then i make my own MP FPS game, no Terms yet but there will be
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    That's . . . not what DLC is.

    It can be, but by and large, paid DLC is not.

    A notable exception is the free DLC, Exterminatus (for Space Marine), that came out a month and a bit after release - because it was meant to be included with the actual release but time and resource constraints stopped Relic from doing so.

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    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.

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    Verloc Stern
    1)would you be willing to buy a Terminator/Space Hulk DLC.
    2)would you be willing to pre-order this DLC.
    No, I almost never pre-order anything.
    3)what would you be willing to pay for this DLC.
    No more than 10€.
    4)would you like to be able to purchase terminator skins in addition.

    If you want to make it a paid DLC tho, I would suggest to sell it as a bundle with the other DLCs, so you don't segregate the player base even more. For me, after the price for the game dropped from the ridiculous 60€ (for what little content it had, and still has), the primary deterrent from buying the game was the extra cost of the DLCs and the uncertainty of the existence of a sufficient player base using those maps.
    Hell, I was hesitant to buy even during the steam sales at -75%, but luckily I gave in. The game was a pleasant surprise, especially the versus modes; but I still wouldn't pay more than 20-30€ for the full game, DLC included.

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    kharn of war
    Yes Yes Yes and Yes to all but i am curious of what weapons are in store for us and if the weapons slots are lick meely weapon then ranged and if u can get perks for the terminator like the first one is teleport and the others are like dule handed that alows u to use two melee weapons instead of the ranged. i was dissapointed not to find the flamer in the normal space hulk

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    Stop talk ideas, DLC is planned for no more making.
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