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Dark Times for Dark Millenium, Layoffs at Relic

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    Dark Times for Dark Millenium, Layoffs at Relic

    So, shit eventually rolls downhill. After THQ layoff many people, 118 people are lost at Relic and Vigil. The "refocussing" of the MMO to a single player thing is something of a MASSIVE dissapointment to me, and makes me feel it is eventually going to end up as Space Marine II (not necessarily a bad thing)

    So - what's the future hold for Relic and developing games? Are any other titles likely to be hit?

    and , very importantly, in the future might the name of THIS VERY SITE need to be changed if Relic do sink?

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    We're generally discussing it here , although the discussion might actualy be more fitting for the GDs.
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    THQ's desperately trying to cut costs in an effort to increase profits and stock prices. They probably would have just dropped Dark Millennium altogether if they hadn't already invested so much money into it. As it stands they have a couple of months to almost double their current stock prices before the NASDAQ delists them (or before they start playing their way through the bureaucracy to stall for more time) so they're likely to make more cuts and put the hype machine into overdrive in hopes of creating the public perception of "Hey, look! We can still make good games and we're making mad profits!"

    Any game that's not part of a "core" franchise (Saints Row, 40k, CoH, Darksiders, Wrasslin') could very well be kicked to the curb if it hasn't been already. Unfortunately, a lot of fans are already becoming annoyed with the "hey, we're going to pre-announce our pre-announcement of this game!" treatment that some of the games have gotten thus far (for example, Danny Bilson's said that they were making DoW3 at least two or three times so far but the game hasn't actually been announced yet and every "big announcement" from THQ in the past several months has been rescheduled at least a few times) so the fan reaction they're hoping will save them might not come through.

    Darksiders 2 could very well be a make-it-or-break-it title for THQ, since it drops both before the NASDAQ deadline (if it sells well it could be a big boost for THQ stocks and could strengthen their case if they appeal the delisting) and the original was the only game in THQ's "core" list that was really something new for the company (as everything else already had sequels/expansions or was a sports title) so it'll help to show whether THQ properties can really expand on new game worlds or not. If it flops, THQ will have a much harder time recovering than most companies do after seeing a game go bust.

    (And yes, the name of this site could very well change. We've drifted further and further away from Relic over the past few years, both in terms of general interest and Relic's involvement with the community outside of their own forums. Though this would happen regardless of whether THQ/Relic continues to struggle or not.)
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    I'm not surprised if there's a name change, for me the Relic part in the Relic Community name is well... a relic (hur dur) and I mostly spend time around the GD and general games section. Since the whole gutting out of core DoW2 devs and contacts makes this even more possible. It's a bit sad, but eh, what does not kills us etcetera etcetera.

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    ... what?

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    ... what?
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