Since there is so much stuff out at the movies that I and my mates wanted to see, we committed some kind of Übersprungshandlung and went to see a movie I'd previously not heard about at all.

So we ended up seeing Haywire.

The critics seem to not be very fond, and my mates were also split on the issue, but I ended up really enjoying this movie.

The reason for this is that it was really not your typical action film, and I ended up liking it tremendously for it. A lot of the movie has no music to it, the cuts were very varied, from fast-paced to very slow. The action was at times furiously fast-paced, but there were stretches where the pace went very much down, which imo worked well to emphasize both the calm and the heat.

Another thing I noticed was that the film seemed to be shot so that the scenes were more or less real time, with intermittent time only passing between scenes. This was noticeable in some of the chase/escape scenes, which seemed to me to be unusually long. But in retrospect this applies to the whole movie.

Especially in action movies, this, like, never happens. Its usually condensed to "only the good bits". This was different, and for this reason it ended up flowing very nicely.

Buddy of mine commented that he didn't like how it was not non-stop action. But I find I'm tired of such things, and the action that WAS shown in the movie was much more emphasized and memorable to me because of the changes of pacing. It also doesn't use Shaky Cam or accelerated/decelerated shots, which was another nice change.

The plot itself is pretty standard movie fare, some female black ops agent who is an ex-marine works for a private enterprise that does black-ops the gov doesn't want to know about. for reasons revealed later, she is betrayed in a ploy to pin a murder on her and then kill her to tie up a loose end. She becomes suspicious prior to her assassination attempt and manages to thwart it, then tries to hunt down the people responsible, chiefly her now-ex-boss and lover (played by Ewan MacGregor).

What made this movie a bit special for me however was how it was made, it really isn't quite your standard action movie, and I suspect those thinking that it is might go home unsatisfied, as some of my mates did.

Maybe this is why it gets relatively low ratings.

The lead is played by a some former or current martial arts champion named Gina Carano, and it shows. the rest of the cast is very high profile, which given I'd never heard of the movie before, including such names such as Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender, Ewan MacGregor, Channing Tatum and Antonio Banderas. Director is Steve Soderbergh, who isn't exactly an unknown either.

Anyways, I'm giving this my recommendation as a generic action movie with a unique and refreshing flavour.

So has anyone else seen this?