With Relic getting their own forums, and things winding down here on our forums, we're looking to branch out. You may have noticed a drop in activity as of late, and being the super motivated and highly active team of moderators that we are, after only three years the RelicNews staff has taken notice. Yes, you read that right, in a completely uncharacteristic move, RN staff is actually doing something. We've been plotting and scheming behind the scenes for a while, and one of the major issues on our to-do list involves a redesign of the site and the forums. This is where things get tricky. We hate doing work we're somewhat understaffed, so we decided to hire help. And by hire, I mean shamelessly exploit free volunteer labor.

What's that, you say? Are we asking for volunteers? Are we giving people a chance to join this exclusive circle of highly sexy and immensely successful people, are we giving you a chance to attain the coveted title of Relicnews staff member? Why yes indeed my good man/woman/captain of a goat-throwing viking longboat! We are indeed looking for volunteers to help breathe new life into our awesome little corner of the intertubes. Specifically, we require content creators and web gurus. Additional posts may be made available at a later date, but these are the core we need to get moving with the site changes.

The end result should be a new and improved community page, improved content (for both public and member reading) and improved site functionality. Which is a business way of saying that it'll all be fuck-awesome, and everyone who helps us work on that will more likely than not become completely irresistible to the opposite (or same) sex. Seriously. Also, we promise access to Worf's porn stack, and the RN wine cellars. We all want the site to improve and attract new members, and we want your help in making it happen!

So, at this point you're probably thinking to yourself "Oh my god moe that sounds awesome, WHERE DO I SIGN UP???". A great question good sir (or madam)! Take a look at the list of available positions below, and then post your application in this thread. We will go through the applications, select the best and the brightest, use a carefully designed algorithm to find those who are an optimal match for the job, then take darts and throw them at a printout of the thread and select whichever application we happen to hit.

Content Creator
  • Will be involved in writing news pieces on gaming development, be it Relic or other gaming companies.
  • Will be involved in writing reviews of actual games (and possibly mods?).
  • Will have their work publicized on the main page of the site.
  • While few and far between, may get a chance to go to Publisher/Developer events on behalf of RN.

  • Ability to write in English to a decent (or better) standard.
  • Ability to attend possible press events to get the latest news on the gaming development scene!
  • Commitment and enthusiasm to the modern gaming scene.
  • Free time!


Web Guru

  • Will be involved in maintaining the forum software, creation of new features; general forum maintenance and evolution.

  • Familiarity with (X)HTML and CSS.
  • Familiarity and experience with PHP and/or mySQL.
  • Free time!


Graphic Artist

  • Will be involved in creation of site branding; logo, theme content, new page content.

  • Experience with 2D art and design, examples of existing work are always helpful!
  • Familiarity with web development/CSS a bonus.
  • Free time!


Below is the application form you need to fill out in order for us to evaluate who is best for the job(s)!

Username: please include a link to your profile, i.e. Gorb.

Position being applied for:

Experience: please include links to any related work or portfolios that demonstrate your ability.

Amount of free time you're willing to spare per week: hours/days as applicable.