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In 2199, The Taiidan Return....

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    In 2199, The Taiidan Return....

    I'm sure there are a lot of Homeworld fans who are also fans of Star Blazers (Japanese 'Space Battleship Yamato').

    The series has been remade and Homeworld fans could be forgiven for thinking that the Taiidan - or at least their retro-streamlined precursors - have arrived.

    Check this out:

    It certainly put a smile on my face!

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    I wonder if that's where the subconscious thought for the color scheme came from. I've heard much about Space Battleship Yamato but never sat down to watch the whole series. No opportunity to do so.

    Though I think it was Arioch who said that the derelict heavy cruisers looked like the Golan missile cruisers from the same series.

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    YAMATO is a breakthrough, although not entirely acknowledge in the western countries in its first release.
    I think even Star Wars seems to have borrowed from YAMATO. Since HOMEWORLD was developed upon research on many issues, they probably had payed attention to YAMATO, which would have been a good influence. In a general sense, YAMATO and HOMEWORLD have a similar drama appealing, regarding each context.

    The remake of the original series will be "re-released" in 2 days. I watched parts of the original in my youth and managed to DL (and watched) the first trilogy 3 years ago, the ones that has some sense. Young people might find it boring or confusing, but this remake might correct a lot of things. Think for a moment that it's an "RTS" with 37 years old and you'll find yourself amazed with this universe.

    It certainly worths watching it eventually.

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    For anyone interested.

    Some months ago I've found here "abandoned" files for Yamato and Cosmo Zero.
    Didn't take note of the author, nor did he include info on the material.
    Now that I'm starting modding, to test the BIG file system, I've created one small BIG file with both: the fighter and the BattleShip.

    For testing purposes also, created a build.lua to throw them into the starting fleets.

    If you wanna take a look and save a copy, so we don't loose it, here it is:
    Sample of Yamato
    In the originals, there are maya files: PM me, if interested on them.
    This BIG file is 1.9Mb and the whole set is 86Mb.

    Things to have in mind:
    - not my work, the source is here in Relic foruns but I haven't found yet, I'll keep looking;
    - not a MOD request. It's really to avoid the loss, since this subject traces to 2002;
    - might there be others Yamato to HW2 mod attempt but I couldn't find any files;
    - it's clearly an early WIP: so not satisfactory for gameplay, but very interesting to take a look.

    If anyone has something related to this, even the link of the original post, let us know.

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