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Steam Soulstorm issues.

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    Steam Soulstorm issues.

    Well, I've looked high and low everywhere, seen a few threads here with issues regarding Steam but no solutions and not necessarily the issue i'm having.

    So, I bought Soulstorm like two days ago? Played it most of the day yesterday, went to get on it today, click the shortcut, automatically windows says that it stopped working. I check online, other people have had similar issues but it seems all the forum solutions kind of fizzle this permanently broken or something? I saw a thread on here from 2008 warning people about the steam version....

    Anyways, the problem gets more interesting. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and now its constantly just gets to 100% update then starts over, repeatedly. Never-ending. What the heck is going on? Im going to be pissed if I paid Steam 20 bucks for a sham.

    Thanks for any help in advance folks.


    So, its actually not even installing. Its just reaching 100% of its download then restarts at 1% repeat.....what is going on? I Can't find a solution anywhere.

    Another Update

    So, I reinstalled Steam, the game properly installed this time but went straight to the issue I had before where it just says "application stopped working" Also, it was saying Platform DLL is not there or something of that sort.
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    (problem solved) peeps.

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