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Is it legal to use dawn of war mods in the UK?

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    Is it legal to use dawn of war mods in the UK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by for the record
    I'm just wondering if it is legal to download a dawn of war soulstorm tyranid mod in the united kingdom? i own a legal copy of dawn of war soulstorm so is there a problem with me downloading a mod?
    Why would it be illegal? Unless you mean *that* Russian mod where 'nids have been plucked out from DoWII which clearly breaks the EULA. Nothing nor anyone would police and prevent you from downloading it, in all honesty, except perhaps your own feeling of integrity and respect for the work of this company through the respect of their EULA.

    On the other hand, if it's the original, hard-work-based mod for DoW with original assets, don't hesitate to dl it, it's nothing but perfectly okay and 'ethically' clear.
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