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Is it legal to use dawn of war mods in the uk?

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    Is it legal to use dawn of war mods in the uk?

    I'm just wondering if it is legal to download a dawn of war soulstorm tyranid mod in the united kingdom? i own a legal copy of dawn of war soulstorm so is there a problem with me downloading a mod?

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    Given that GW is fine with mods I would say go for it.

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    Trying not to back-seat moderate, but mate, try not to spread that question in unrelated sections, all the more since you already asked here.

    And Elerium, GW is fine as long as mods respect their IP clauses but there's more to that game than GW's IP and terms.
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    Given that this is the Tabletop section, this thread has very little relavence here. Were it not for the fact you've already posted it multiple times across the forum (please don't do that) I'd move it to somewhere more appropriate, but as it stands, it's just getting locked instead.

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