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downloading dawn of war mods in the UK legal?

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    downloading dawn of war mods in the UK legal?

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    Why would it be illegal?
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    Mods are legal modifications for games made, without the thought of profit, by fans for fans. So yes you'll be fine and won't have to worry about the law downloading one.
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    Interesting question thought, are there any countries in the world where modding a videogame is illegal? Maybe Germany? Germany is weird right?
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    Maybe it's a bot?

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    There was a guy with a similar name posting the same crap a few months ago. Let it die.

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    Germany is weird right?
    Your are just jealous because the voices don´t speak to you

    And no, it´s not banned here, only over the top violence & and symbols of national socialism (Swastikas and stuff) can get games banned(which almost never happens btw).
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    im not a bot i just wanted quick reply.

    thanks for the replys mods can lock this thread now

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