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Company of Heroes Infamous patch issue.

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    Company of Heroes Infamous patch issue.

    hello everybody im new here. ive been having a problem with company of heroes. i owned this game for a while and installed it on a previous laptop and it installed great no issues it was windows vista gateway. now ive got a new laptop windows 7 64 bit and im trying to install it again. the game installs fine up until the point where it has to patch to log in. When i try to download the 114.73mb patch(the first one) it displays the bar (Downloading patch) and nothing happens for about a minute. after a minute the patch fails to download. ive searched all over to fix this and i discovered the way of manual patching with the torrent files. when i try that it gives me an error that says its having problems with windows registry or something. i really want to play this game again suggestions?

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    Go to a site called The Patch Scrolls, and look for "Company of Heroes", you will find what you need there
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    I'll move this over to Tech Assistance so we can work on it there. I can give you links to the patches you will need, but will need to see some information about your system and game first. Please read the READ THIS FIRST IF YOU WANT HELP sticky thread and then post your dxdiag.txt, hijackthis.log and warnings.log files, along with exact details of any error messages you get including any error code numbers.


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    Visit for all your patching needs!

    First uninstall your CoH.

    Install, then manual patch all the way.

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    thanks general kong that site really worked i got all the patches i needed!

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