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Make ground indestructible

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    Make ground indestructible

    Is there a way to make the ground indestructible in the world builder so that arty doesn't turn it into swiss cheese?

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    You can make Bridges or other Entities indestructible. To make the ground indestructible,,..I knew no way to do this.

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    ok well what in the attribute files tells arty to demolish ground? since different shells make different craters is it the projectiles that does it or something in the weapon file?

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    Take a closer look into any arty projectile file located in "ebps\projectile" for example the "150mm_hummel_gun_shell.rgd". In "explosion_ext\terrain_hit" you can see what happens if a shell hits the target (radius_max/radius_min). In the sub table "deformation" you can see also that a new decail file will be attached to the target with the radius values before.

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    ok i figured it out. under the deformation table the vertical scale number is what changes the amount of damage done to the terrain iguess the radius being how big the crater is applied. a neb is .00001 and arty was like .0025 or some thing to that effect. mainly the problem i was having was a p47 that i made was making giant trenches when making a bombing run this fixed it. I just changed this number some. thanks

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