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Role Variations

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    Role Variations

    Can I make a role variation just the default mode so I don't actually have to use the role variation? I ask this because, I have a riflemen who is mixed with the sapper for short sleeves, mixed with the medic/officer for legs and riflemen for helmet/ammo pouches. But, I don't want those George S Patton legs he's got on, I want the medic legs. So, I went into the EBPS of the US_Riflemen (what mine is called) and made a second role-variation which is the riflemen, the first being the medic, only the medic upgrade shows up though :-( So, there is a space of nothing-ness of where the ammo pouches should be on the model, I will uplaod a picture...

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    Why don't you just use the rifleman legs? They're pretty much the same as the medics.

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