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How to make object repairable?

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    How to make object repairable?

    I'm very interested in how to make object rapairable or invulnerable. I've tried to use in world builder the command "edit State" and "Set Health" but it's impossible to set more health points than a object has. Are there any ideas?

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    repairable - either change the possible targets of a repair ability (ability_bag/action_list/start_target_actions/requirement_action/subactions/heal_action/target_info...) or simply change the unit's armor type to one of those listed in the ability

    invulnerable - I've tried this by setting a very high health regeneration (under levelling_ext): a very powerful hit would kill the unit, but there won't be no adequate guns

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    Do you know how to equip f.ex. all space marine in a squad? When i tried to change numbers in "simulation\attrib\sbps\pvp\race_marine\troops\sm_tactical_marine.rbf" to equip all 3 SM :


    it didn't change in the game

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