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DoW2 Random Crash/Restarts PC

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    DoW2 Random Crash/Restarts PC


    at random times in DoW2 the screen will go black for a second (with that stuttering thing it does where it plays a half-second loop of whatever sound is active at the time over and over) and then the whole PC restarts.

    When it restarts, there's no video signal on my monitor, and I have to give the PC a proper powering down and then switch it on again to get the picture back.

    Strangely, there's no BSOD or crash reports or anything - just blackness and a cold restart.

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    Forced restarts imply hardware issues (and possibly hardware failure). What temperature does your CPU and/or GPU run at when you're playing games?

    Does this happen with any other game?

    When did you last update your graphics and/or motherboard and/or sound drivers?
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    While playing a bit yesterday, after a couple of levels both were going up to about 69 (heh) degrees Celcius. It doesn't happen with any other game that I've noticed.

    Graphics and Mobo (onboard sound) drivers are up to date.

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    I've encountered some similar scenarios unrelated to DoW2 before. How long has this been going on? Has it only been happening recently? Do you spend a majority of your computer time playing DoW2?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention. I'm suspecting RAM issues.

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