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KCH skin

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    KCH skin

    Hey gents!
    Maybe you already saw my skin in Crimson's "Knight" thread...

    Well, as Celéstial recommended, I'll now create an own thread for my skin... This way I won't bother Crimson anymore... ^^

    Well, this is my skin:


    It is based on DemoSS' "SS-Grenadier" Skin (thx again for your permission to use it!)
    I tried to give the KCH the looks of that badass Nazi-Commander from the Game "The Outfit":


    I know, it doesn't look exactly like it, but i hope you guys like it anyway...

    Oh, and it is a fixed version! There will be no clipping on the cap and head of these guys!

    Download link:

    If you guys want a new look for the Symbol of the KCH, i created something else:
    Instead of the Iron Cross, this little pack will display the "SS-Totenkopf" (SS-Skull) as the KCH's symbol.

    KCH stuff.rar
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    Looks amazing as i already stated. Maybe you could do a rolevariation with a stahlhelmm to make the squad look more diverse? :P
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    Not a bad idea... Unfortunately I have no idea how to create a Rolevariation on my own... ~.~
    Maybe I'll find some kind of tutorial, then i could try it!

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    I have no clue why it does this, but check your skin on Ultra Shaders, it seems to fiddle/screw some things up. Also, the zoomed out version of the skins you don't see things such as the armband, etc.

    Just some feedback, what you have is great though!!)

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    Thanks Twitchy, I'll give it a look...

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    Awesome, man. I'll test this skin as soon as I can!

    Thanks for sharing your work.

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    Wow... just wow. I need to add an unit for this amazing skin.
    The NHCmod, a small mod that does a lot of things.

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    Looks like something went wrong with it's normal map, it hardly exists

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    The jackets look good, looks like there is a model mix issue on the faces but thats nothing that a bit of alpha (or if you can use OE, mesh hiding) can't fix

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    damn those look evil somewhat like "arische Leibstandarte" at the battle of berlin, boss unit with stats like the PJ from the ToV campaigns come to my mind. In MoH:A there was a similar unit with a Gas Mask on this look called Nazi Storm Elite maybe you can add something like that

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    You should use the maximillian_voss mesh and rgm, that way you get better faces and hands.
    There's a better cap from someone from this forum
    I do like your coat though.
    Next time a screenshot in full hd would also be cool.

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