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Heroes and Genrals

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    Heroes and Genrals

    Has anyone been keeping an eye on Heroes and Generals. It's basically battlefield 1942 but, how to put it perhaps way better. There appears to be a active meta map game going on, and a limited amount of spawn types for each class. In the video it shows the american side has a limit of 2 snipers but had a ton of armor support. It looks seriously interesting, I wondering how if anyone know any more info on this. Not to mention the accessibility of the game, looks like even the I phone can play it.

    Oh yeah, you can ride bicycles not to mention, air land and sea combat. In various drive able toys.

    Hell i have to add its beyond battle field, customization on characters, and weapons mmmm.
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    Well i made beta, and i got to admit, i like it its very smooth, due to nda can't say much. Sever crashed though, couldn't play long.

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    I'm in it, but D3 has taken my time. As well as it's in beta and NDA I figured making a topic is muteish. It's fun though, I plan to get back into it once I get my fill of D3.

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    Registered, waiting for my key now.

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