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Operation Europe Mod Released

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    Operation Europe Mod Released

    Well today im introducing a new mod for you, called: Operation Europe
    Its a Mod based on Europe and realism

    and the mod goes from: D-Day to the last battles in Germany with England and US.


    there is no base buildings, you can still build buildings/objects like: "Barbed wire" "sandbags" "Mines" "Tank traps" and other stuff.
    you maybe think no buildings how can i produce things?


    General gameplay:
    well when you play, you will see the changes
    just send you troops into combat.

    well i think that is all you need to know about the Game-play

    Thanks to:
    AGameAnx for "ATC"
    Celéstial for some ui icons

    as you know the Mod its stil a mod in Progress
    so no release yet

    but we need help with skins
    yes there is no custom skin for the mod
    so if you will donate some skin, we will be very happy.
    the team right now is:
    Me CoDiEx as:
    Lead coder (scar)
    Attrib coding

    we arent looking for any team members, just a guy who can make skin for our units.
    i think that was all, i will like to see any comments.

    pm me or jalle if you have a skin or a private question
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    Operation Europe Alpha!!!

    yes now Operation europe got into alpha and it is time to release the first alpha version of the mod

    Download link:

    Install instructions:
    open it
    choose language
    pick you company of heroes folder
    and let it install

    since our code has been restarted some times
    there isnt much files

    remember this is a multiplayer Mod
    and is very funny to play with friends

    This Mod changes the gameplay not skin and no new models

    and i am leaving Company of Heroes Modding and Relicnews, this is my last post here.
    this is my last Mod and i did what i could to make it run, so try this mod please.
    And tell us what you want in this mod, it will maybe be added if CoDiEx Likes the idea.
    no base buildings, and remember to buy a Squad in the begining of a game you will automaticly lose in 60 seconds if no squads where found

    Any errors you may will find, please post them here.
    so CoDiEx can fix them


    Last news from Operation Europe Mod...

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    Hi people

    Operation europe has its own Moddb site now:
    yes the newest thing in the mod is:
    a scottish squad

    a squad with 3 soldiers and one leader, this unit is a part of the Commonwealth

    Remember this Mod is only funny playing online

    Last news from Operation Europe Mod...

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