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Creating A HW Mod based off of EvE Online Ships

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    Creating A HW Mod based off of EvE Online Ships

    I think it would be cool to take the four races of Eve Online and turn them into a HW Mod.

    Instead of a Mothership you would have a Control Tower to build and launch ships from.

    The tower would not be able to be moved but other than that the game play would remain the same except for each race having their own weapons fire effects.

    Gallente - small comet like pulses of energy

    Minmatar - Projectile rounds that would have a tracer ever few seconds denoting that a shot had been fired.

    Caldari - Missiles

    Ammar - Laser fire.

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    I think there was something along those lines somewhere... *thinks*

    --- edit ---
    Here you are!

    Homeworld 1 Remastered (ModDB link)
    CFHodEd (newest version,

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    Really good looking Mod.

    Has it been updated to use slipgates to allow for multi-map jumping?

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