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HomeWorld:Cataclysm Textures Set

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    HomeWorld:Cataclysm Textures Set

    In the attached .zip file you find the complete set of textures used on ships, asteroids, and other objects within HomeWorld:Cataclysm.

    Other Texture sets that I am working on is a HomeWorld and HomeWorld 2 Texture Set.

    Another project that I am working on for HomeWorld is called Texture Kit Bashing of which I am currently writing a tutorial for. Once the tutorial is complete you will be able to take a plastic model sprue image and turn it into a texture for your model.

    My grand project for HomeWorld is called Texture Kitting. Texture Kitting involves me using Gimp to to cut various areas of a texture from the actual texture and turn it into a stand alone texture.

    So far from just messing around with Texture Kitting I have made 25 individual textures from a page0.liff image from one ship.

    I plan on doing Texture Kitting for all of the textures from the ships and objects from all three platforms so that when a modder needs a new texture to build their texture image with they will have alot of choices to choose from.

    Here is a sample of what Texture Kitting can achieve.

    Texture image taken from the page0.lif:

    Using Sketch Up to create the model from the texture resulted in this:

    I will have a link to the Cataclysm Texture Set . zip up in a day or so.

    Clicking the red X will take you to the image.

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    Link to HomeWorld Cataclysm textures -

    Includes all lod0 textures used on the ships, missiles, planets and more.

    5000 + textures / 120.9 Mb compressed zip.

    Was added to another thread by mistake.

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