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Designing our own relic game - Main Thread

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    PEOPLE! Has the genre and game not already been decided?


    If it had not, I'd still be gabbing on about ideas.
    I got about ten ideas for games... some quite unique... but no, its been decided. STOP!


    No! Its back! I was shure this thread was cleaned up last crash... :P
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    Paladin, I read your game idea on page 10 I are basically describing the Gothic and Gothic 2 series. Which is my favorite game by FAR. If you have'nt given it a try, you should. It, like Homeworld series has been largely overlooked by the masses....because they are too used to point and click rpg's to learn the control system. When you get comfortable with it you will see it's "how" an rpg/adventure should be controlled. Too me it is very troubling that the lamer gamers are starting to have influence with the dev's, who are considering dumbing down the controls in the upcoming Gothic 3.

    I did'nt mean all that as a totally off topic post because I would love to see Homeworld and Gothic merged. Maybe I'll post my 106 page(so far) game outline about it someday I have the overall story complete, excluding most of the ingame dialog, basically everything except concept art.....I know what I want, but am NOT an artist lol.

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    I think the way the games engine worked was ok for me, little dissappointed that the game is through the empires perspective only, and you arent introduce to playing the other armies.

    I think the location resource was ok but tactic was little narrow thou made going through the game to easy, found that last mission was the easiest.


    1-4 mission i used marine 8 and 4marine/4-5 dreadnought
    4-7 mission apprx 3marine 4dreadnought 2predator
    last couple of missions 2terminator 4dreadnought 2 landraiders

    this combo basically let me walk through game in less than 3days.

    What id like:

    Customizing of Badge(if there how to?)

    Campaign with all perspectives(Intro to armies)

    Larger Force limit allowing more combo in tactic

    Better Skirmish computer lags ability

    Difference in campaign objectives(Aside from mission 1-2 its search and destroy, would been nice with defend or retrieve objective to)

    Bonuses for better ground(plusses for having higher ground, in protected area...)

    But in general i thought game was ok, but not the wow woot...!!! kinda okay, nothing really i havent seen before or that surprised me.

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    Please, this thread is not for discussion of how DoW could have been better, but about the idea of this community throwing together all our talents to create the Community Game, a thought project, even, not a real game (for now).

    In fact, why is it open at all? Not an attempt at backseat moderating here, but wasn't this the very first thread of the community game project, where our ideas were posted before even the first poll was created?
    We've decided on the genre and setting already, Retro has won the vote, close the thread and archive it! Sticky the history and science threads instead.

    Thank you for your attention.

    EDIT: Okay, a quick look at the thread reveals it does have some relevant info. Not that much, though, and the last four pages or so were dominated by shooing away people who joined after the birth of the project and tried to post their ideas.

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    anyone played savage: the battle for newerth?
    it has base building in an rts view and fps action.
    it was a pretty good game, you should try the demo out so you can maybe get some ideas for your game.

    (in rts view) the commander would be chosen to build the base, collect resources, assign officer status to players to lead and he could also give players temporary power-ups.

    (in first person) the officers the commander selected could assign commands to other players in his team, leading to pretty co-ordinated attacks if the officer knew how to lead properly.

    and the other foot soldiers had to fight and assist the commander and officer.

    It was a pretty good game, might be worth while to at least play the demo (to get some ideas)

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    All game threads moved to the one forum.

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    what abot HW where you can take control of the HW ships, and fly them toursself while the AI controls your fleet?

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    You do realize you just bumped a thread that has been dead for almost a year, right?

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    hi i am akuma i need no how to create the first relic street fighter gam but i dont no how to creatte a game send me instructions how to


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    Wow, one of the most....useless doesnt even cut it....posts ever.


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    If Akuma isn't a bot, I propose we isolate his post and vault it as a testament of ... the word escapes me.
    Signatures suck, to be frank, unless you have something to link to. And I don't.

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    We need to re-evalute that proposal for a list of single posts to be vaulted. This is one of the chosen ones.
    Quote Originally Posted by n0z
    Generally I find posts can be short, long, super long, or Andkat long. I tend to read the first three categories.

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