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Some helmets, and a couple of questions

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    Some helmets, and a couple of questions

    Well, it looks like I'm a bit late to the modding game as far as Space Marine is concerened, but I've been messing around with some helmets for Titus and pals.

    I stuck Sedonus in a Master Crafted helmet with some laurels added for a little bling, while I put Leandros back in the standard helmet you see him in at the beginning of the game. What I'd really like to do is replace that with the damaged model you see in a later cut-scene, but I can't seem to find the game assets for that. If there's anyone out there who's run across these, please let me know.

    For Titus, I used the Salamander's Champion helmet, colored in the Ultramarines livery. I can't decide which verion I prefer, though...

    Blue frill

    Gold face plate

    White frill

    If anyone's interested in any of these textures, just let me know.

    For those who are on the green side of the ork blood debate, I found the texture files for the gore, and tried altering the color. The end result, though, was that when the gore map was applied to the armor, not only was the gore green, but the entire armor set turned green as well. I was wondering if anyone out there with a bit more experience than I might have some thoughts on how to get around having the armor look like it was dipped in ork after a melee kill.

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    Hi I liked your two post, this very well what you're doing and wanted to know if apart from those you have any mod that can send me, either by email or server...
    Since I have almost all the mods of this game, except that I name in my post:

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    The scarred helmet is damaged one from multilayer. You will need to manually paint it into blue. Em... what exactly do you need?
    Also, do you do any modelling? I need some help.

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    I'd found the damaged one from multiplayer, but it's not actually the same as the one that's damaged in the SP campaign. Good news, though! I found the helmet in the packages in the Chunks folder. I wasn't able to get the model working, however. The game would crash whenever I tried to use it. I was able to use the textures with the basic_upres_helmet, and altered the normal map so the damage texture doesn't look quite so flat.

    pretoriano1995... PM me with your email, and I can send you the mods, as I've not got them hosted anywhere.
    i1West... Sorry, I'm not any good with the modeling, I'm not any help in that area.

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    Hi Icarus333! Great mod! Could you please upload it somewhere? Thank in advance!

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    I would also appreciate if you uploaded this mod. I'd like to play through Space Marine with everyone just looking like Ultramarines but with cool and diverse helmets.

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    Right now, I'm using a mishmash of "modded" mods. It's basically bits and pieces of mods from cerberos008, Majic, and Shalaska, plus my helmets for Leandros and Titus. I'm using the Relic helmet for Sidonus from one of cerberos008's mods, Majic's weapons mods, including the power sword, (I tweaked the rof on the bolter so that it fires at the original rate, but keeps the increased damage. I would say it's over powered, but you can easily find yourself running out of ammo if you're not careful,) and Shalaska's gore mod, tweaked so that the gore doesn't stay forever, just about 60 sec, or so. If anyone would like me to post that, I'd be happy to, after getting permission from the original author's of the additional mods.

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    Can you upload the Leandros damaged helmet mod? Would make him stand out nicely from Titus and Sardonus.

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    Here are the all the art files for the helmets I'm using. The helmet I'm using for Sidonus comes from the Gold Overload mod by cerberos008, so the credit's all his on that one.

    Damaged Leadros Helmet:

    Sidonus Relic Helmet:

    Titus Helmet:

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    Sweet thanks

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    Where do you install it? I stuck the folder into preview and no change. Was using the Leandros helm one

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    For Leandros, the sm_armour_basic_upres_helmet folder from the download should be put in preview => art => race_marine => characters => spacemarine => armour => sm_armour_basic_upres

    Unfortunately, I think there's a bit more to it than that. You might check out some of the modding tutorials to make sure everything's in place.

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