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New Steam version. Lost original campaign?

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    New Steam version. Lost original campaign?


    I bought the original CoH at retail (Deluxe Edition, natch).

    When Relic Online was integrated I was able to get access to it via Steam. I subsequently bought the two expansions on Steam.

    Now that the Relic Online backend has been replaced w/ Steam, it appears any online record of my original CoH purchase has gone with it. When I install the new Steam version I get access to the two expansions I bought, but not the original campaign.

    Do I need to re-install w/ physical media? I tried inputting my cd key from the original CoH but Steam doesn't recognize it.

    This happen to anyone else? Any options other than physical re-install?

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    i dunno if the author will see this but this happened to me with OF
    i put my key in and steam dose not recognise

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