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Coh2 trainer from

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    Coh2 trainer from

    hello, I just wanted to say there are three trainers available for the 9363 version and the 074 version. I have tested these and they do work, this site is trustworthy to so I am not posting any infected links or watnot. I was so frustrated with the mortar spam that I decided to download it....and now I have 50 120 mm mortars on my side now..and my goodness THE LAG....LAG EVERYWHERE.

    Enjoy !

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    and for command points, you just type the value of 20000 in the value sector of the table then go to the game...then un-ex the box next to commandpoints

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    I think we already have a cheatmod available for doing this stuff already

    Also, if someone found a way to run modified code for COH2 please tell us how, everyone in the modding section is trying to figure out how because Relic has disabled modding support. While they said they will bring it back, we cant always take relic for their word
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    robotnik, typically these trainers work by editing memory addresses once the game is loaded.

    A well known technique and not quite adequate for modding usage.

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    Oh, i guess its something like cheatengine then

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