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FX 2.0: Empire Rise!

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    FX 2.0: Empire Rise!



    The FX 2.0 has changed old tech tree.Bring you a new experience!

    Over 20+new units updated.More beautiful!More powerful!

    More balanced skirmish

    Experience more fluid the game

    Some new units\effects GIF

    FX: Commander, commonly abbreviated as 'FX', is a modification project for Sierra's Homeworld 2 developed by 9CCN, a group of Chinese modders renowned for their work on the outstanding Gundam SEED modification.

    The goal of the FX mod is to bring Homeworld2 to a brand new level. So far this has been done by including the races from Homeworld1 along with new units, abilities, textures, maps, fx, player modes, icons, blueprints etc. Even with the current amount of changes that have been included so far there are still many, many more things that are yet to come and/or improved. Some of the upcoming content cannot be found in any of the other current mods.

    The current playable races are the Hiigaran, Vaygr, Taiidan, Kadeshi, Progenitors and Turanic Raiders, each with their own advantages, technology tree and units. The Bentusi are currently being developed and are said to be 'three races in one'. Can you utilize the power of your race the best?

    Even with the amount of awesome changes that have been made so far the creators say the entire FX concept is only halfway done. Many people have already marked this mod as their favourite Homeworld2 modification after the release of v1.72, and it will only get better. The mod is ranked within the top 100 mods on ModDB with over 300k visits and more than 45k downloads. Come and try out the mod that many have dubbed as "Homeworld 3" already.

    Latest Version: FX v2.1 (CN)
    Released on: June, 2nd 2014.
    Patch Notes: In the download file.

    Current Features
    - Custom Opening Cinematic.
    - Custom Main Menu.
    - 6 playable races! Play as the Hiigaran or Vaygr with new units and weaponry, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, or bring back one of the many 'classics' from Homeworld 1 such as the Kadeshi, Taiidan, Turanic Raiders; each fully playable with their own models, effects, technology trees, playing styles etc.
    - New U.I. (User Interface) for all races.
    - New units for all races
    - New sound fx
    - New effects
    - New unit abilities
    - New maps
    - HW2 In-Game Music Player: The mod will randomly select tracks from the Homeworld 1 & Homeworld 2 OST and play those during your game. Higher chance for Battle tracks when enemy units near. Let yourself be surprised or adjust it to your liking with a few clicks.
    - Coating Feature: Customize your badges and color-schemes while in-game with a single click.
    - LAN and Multiplayer supported (v1.1 patch required).

    Under Development
    - RPG Mode: A unique single-player campaign unlike anything you have ever seen before.
    - New playable race: Bentusi
    - New / retextured ship models for all races.
    - New icons (EMP, Defence field etc.) instead of the regular ones.

    This Version Hiigaran / Vaygr have been temporarily removed for balance adjusting.

    FX v2.2 \ v2.3. The Hiigarans and Vaygr will return soon.



    English Patch
    FX-Commander(FXC)MOD v2.0.0 is programing!!!
    Seed(SD)Mod v3.0.0 is Has been completed.

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    I like the look of this and the direction its heading, Quality work
    Black Horizon

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    Well hot damn. Though the drill-ship seems a *bit* over the top.

    The gatling cannon ship is hysterically awesome.

    And the walking repair bot! Too cool.

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    Impressive as always. Have you by any chance had any luck with texture animations on custom meshes?

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