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Campaign music dont return upon loading a save

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    Space Marines Campaign music dont return upon loading a save

    There is an issue with the campaign music for me that have been present across two different soundcards
    in both COH & Opposing fronts, i have downloaded the steam versions

    of COH (new steam version) version 2.700.230 (No disc needed)

    of Opposing Fronts version 2602.0 - Insert OF disc (witch i do)

    The problem is that i only have background gameplay music the first
    time i start the mission, but if i save the game...and then use load the
    music will never return, it will be just in-game sound, i can restart the
    scenario and get music back...but im not allowed to save and load
    if i wanna keep music

    Doesn't that sound almost perverted mean of the computer to create
    such a decease? because it will be naturally challenging for people like you to
    be able to troubleshoot it further, cause you would want me to focus on my computer
    is up to date..and it is, its rather some setting in my computer or something with the installation

    I receive an error when i try to upload dxdialog and other files
    for some reason so i cant help you with that..
    so i paste some info her instead

    "Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition Media Center 6.01.7601 Service Pack 1
    Report Date: torsdag 03 juli 2014 at 11:12


    <<< Multimedia >>>

    > Device Audio : Hightech Information System EG JUNIPER XT Audio Device [Radeon HD 5700 Series]

    >> General Information
    Manufacturer : ATI Technologies
    Manufacturer Codec : ATI
    Model : Unspecified (1002AA01)

    > Device Audio : Creative Labs

    >> General Information
    Manufacturer : Creative Labs
    Model : Unspecified (11020011)

    > Audio Playback : Högtalare (Sound Blaster Z)

    >> General Information
    Reproduction : Högtalare (Sound Blaster Z)
    Version : 6.1
    Manufacturer : Microsoft Corporation
    Product ID : 100"

    Well off course latest steam updated Direct X 11 also

    If you want i could record a fraps movie so you can see for yourself the process

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