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Sound crackling/popping issue.

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    Sound crackling/popping issue.

    I have this issue. On multiplayer only it seems, the game will sound all crackly and popping while walking around, shooting, etc.

    I'm really losing my marbles here, been googling alot. I cannot figure this one out! And it didn't used to be like this! For the longest time, I had my screen's refresh rate at 30 unknowingly, but I played the game just fine. When I switched to 60, it seemed to work fine for a bit. Just recently, and I've changed some stuff, this HORRIBLE sound glitch has manifested!

    Any tech gurus out there? I'm not a tech guru, I just like to play games. You need specs, just tell me what ya need.

    This is driving me bonkers. HELP!

    SO I tried setting priority to high, I checked device manager and all my realtek is up to date (the option to update them is greyed out), I set the four audio things off of realtek to studio quality, then defaulted them all, I ran steam as administrator, I have windows 7, and none of this shit worked. I've been rechecking the integrity of the game's aches, nothing.. How do I actually uninstall and reinstall the game itself off of steam?

    This never used to happen before! GPU seems to run at 100% while the game is running. I defaulted alot of things, like the GPU control panel thingy, but still nothing.

    About 1 minute into any online match, the audio starts to click and pop, like a douchebag, and I want to kill. Please help me! I will pay you, somehow.

    Actually I have two folders for steam games, on my E drive and my D drive. Back in the day, I only had the one with SM in it. Recently I made this new one cause I was running out of harddrive space.... hmmmm.. FUCK! I dunno.

    I'm trying everything I can find at the moment, but so far no good, so, thought I might as well just ask this forum. If anyone's got some spare time that would be killer! Right now I'm reinstalling direct X stuff from within the steamapps Space marine game folder.

    EDIT: so that didn't do anything. It seems to only start crackling when there are heavy weapons fire, like plasma cannons.

    OK, next step. Gawd dayum administrator stuff. I am right now running steam as admin. THen I right clicked spacemarine.exe in the SteamApps folder, as admin. THen I set both steam and SM to High priority in admin ran taskmanager.... annnd nothing, still starts popping about a minute into a full 16 player multiplayer match.

    OK I just tried adjusting my CPU speeds with COreParking Manager. It was at 100, I put it to 25. still crackling sound crap a minute into any multiplayer match.

    -- OK, the whole playing steam, sm on admin level, and setting priority to high for steam and SM seems to really make the game run smooth online, but theres STILL taht fucking stupid crackling popping sound. I turned mouse smoothing on and that didn't do shit either.
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    Have you checked your sound drivers?

    I know you said that they are up to date, but have you uninstalled then reinstalled them?

    I don't believe that your graphics refresh rate should affect your sound in such a way.

    Check this thread on the steam forums, it seems to be a similar problem to what you're describing:
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    ahh thanx corn. I'm pulling straws here, gotta figure this bullshit out! Lemme try out your links and suggestion, I shall re install the drivers from scratch, instead of just checking for updates.

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    This still doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've changed the sound thing to 44100Hz (tried 16 bit and 24)..

    Exterminatus seems to work pretty good, only occasionaly will I hear the damnable crackling sound, and single player seems to work flawlessly. And it is only THIS game, which pissed me off with the aforementioned CRAP.

    Anymore ideas?

    OK I uninstalled all my audio drivers, then rebooted. I now no longer have realtek, and I don't know how to get it back. Audio glitch took twice as long to appear, but its still there.

    THe main thing I'm really pissed off about is that it WAS working perfectly! I don't know exactly, but I do remember my monitor refresh rate was at 30 for the longest time ( was wondering why my cursor moved so slowly...). When I changed it to 60, I still never had this crackling issue. I can't see any hardwar changes made recently, other than using core parking manager to boost it to 100% (I did this for PLanetside 2)

    aaaand I've tried turning that down to 33%. Nothing.
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    NOTHING seems to be working. Like, NOTHING

    And that makes me very sad. So about 2 minutes into any standard multiplayer match, the crackling begins and wont stop.

    Exterminatus occasionally gives off a few cracks, then stops. Played all four arenas in a row, and only heard the crackling maybe 4 times.

    And single player works.

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    I tried GameBooster and that seems to make things worse. The crackling issue happens as soon as I start the match. So now I'm going to try to uninstall and reinstall the game (on steam).
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    You guys think port forwarding might affect this issue? I have my ports forwarded for SM, was the first thing I did to get better online play. Maybe I should revert to standard?

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    OK I just uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, still have issue.......... now I need a tissue....

    Corn your my only hope. Any ideas? Do you think the port forwarding might be affecting this issue.

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    I doubt port forwarding is the cause.

    The only thing I would suggest is to try to contact Relic directly but it looks like you aren't the only one with the problem:

    There doesn't appear to be a fix in those threads, but apparently there is something in the Space Marine readme.txt

    A. Latest drivers required
    Please make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card when running
    Space Marine.
    B. The sound stutters while playing
    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card. If stuttering 
    persists try reducing Hardware Acceleration. From your Windows(R) desktop, 
    click Start, then Run, type "dxdiag", then hit Enter. This brings up the
    "DirectX(R) Diagnostic Tool". Click the Sound tab and try reducing 
    the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" slider.

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    Ah yes, the dxdiag. I'll try that one again, but last time I could not find any such slider on any of the tabs. K, thanx.

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    FUCK, I do not have any of those god damn sliders, no Hardware acceleration sliders present! I have 4 fucking sound tabs, and not one of them have any sliders or buttons or ANYTHING!:

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    Are there any kind of hardware acceleration settings in the software for your sound device?

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    Fuck, well now I have the basic windows thing going. There is no more realtek, I got rid of everything, than rebooted, and then it just plopped whatever the default thing is. What I posted in the above pics is what I got now, the main speakers with the green check mark, the headphones with the red X, then the two twins of what-ever-the-fuck, then the TV speakers.

    OK. I swear to fuck, I think this issue has to do with Hardware Acceleration. TOO BAD, THE TROUBLESHOOT button is greyed out:

    I swear to god, the issue has gotten worse, but only for this game. Dammit I miss this game. I also miss realtek, how do I get that one back? It had some good sound options. Can I use hardware acceleration with realtek?
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    Reinstalling your audio drivers should technically make it reappear, if there's an installer for it.

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    Well I finally got an installer for Realtek taht worked, so Realtek is back.

    But that didn't do jack shit.

    I want to try two more things:
    1. Set the audio frequency to 44000
    2. Check out the troubleshooting option for my monitor's advanced settings.

    However, the lowest audio frequency I can set in the tabs is 44100, and the troubleshooting tab's change settings button is greyed out. WTF man, this is honestly the most horrible thing in the world.

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    Well the difference between 44100 and 44000 is pretty negligible that the two can be interchangeable.

    This is the only game that it happens in, right?

    The only other thing I can suggest is to reinstall Windows but that is a huge pain in the rear.

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    I HAVE FIXED IT!!!!!!

    Had to reinstall windows.... the pain in the ass is over. THanks to all trying to help.

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    Glad you got it sorted out at last.

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