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(6 - 8) Red Ball Express

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    (6 - 8) Red Ball Express

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    "Between August and November 1944 the Allies operated an enormous truck convoy system between Cherbourg, one of the key strategic goals of Operation Overlord, and the forward logistics base at Chartres. Primarily manned by African-American soldiers, the Red Ball Express was a last-minute concept designed to provide a constant stream of fuel and supplies to the advancing Allied forces until larger ports such as Antwerp and Bruges could be recaptured. SHAEF knew that without such a supply network, the Allied advance would stall and eventually collapse -- a fate that seemed very real indeed in December 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge."

    This is a remake of the popular vCoH map Red Ball Express, originally created by Yojimbo252 and patched into the game as a community spotlight contest map.
    Rather than being a basic port, this version of the map has been designed from scratch by Zupa and myself, and reimagined so as to take CoH2's newer engine and faster game pace into account; some areas have been adjusted for improved gameplay -- such as generally lowering terrain elevation so as to avoid issues with certain ranged weapons -- but the original author's theme and layout have been retained.
    We have spent a considerable amount of time designing, testing and reviewing this map, and feel that it is now at a point where it is ready for release.

    As mentioned above, certain things had to be changed to ensure smooth gameplay as a number of gameplay mechanics function differently in CoH2 than they did in vCoH. Thus, the sector layout is noticeably different to in the original map, the heightmap has been altered to reduce the amount of terrain-blocking, and various areas have seen pathing improvements. Finally, the visuals have of course been updated to CoH2 standards!

    Our aim is to recreate the Red Ball Express experience we have sorely missed from vCoH; with any luck, we'll have succeeded and you too can relive memories of such a wonderful, enjoyable map.

    Zupa and I are both fairly new to the mapping game, so please feel free to post any constructive criticism you may have.


    Zupadupadude and Acinonyx
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