Welcome Pilots new and old to the brand new Homeworld Remastered section here on Relicnews! We here are very glad to see that our baby has returned to the forefront of gaming after 15 long years and we're here to make sure that we remain the first best place for Homeworld related discussion.

Please be aware that the global forum guidelines are in effect here as well. Please ensure that you have read them and familiarized yourself with them before posting.

Forum Guidelines

The Homeworld Remastered section of relicnews is divided into a few areas:

Singleplayer / Walkthroughs
  • This section will be for primarily discussing the Single player campaigns for both Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 and any walkthroughs that user wish to create.

Multiplayer Discussion
  • This will house discussion in regards to multiplayer strategies, balance issues and various topics regarding the brand new multiplayer for HW:RC

Technical Assistance
  • Technical issues, bugs, and any other problems trying to play HW:RC should go here. See the sticky in the forum for specifics on your posts to get you as much help as possible.

HW:RC General (this forum)
  • Anything not related to the above should go here!