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HWRM Ship Reference

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    HWRM Ship Reference

    Inspired more than a little by the classic Homeworld Shipyards site, I've been putting together a data file parsing program that can generate websites. I've turned it loose on the HWRM data files, and while it's not yet polished enough to turn lose on the gearbox forums, I'd like to put it up here. Here you go.

    It's really rough.
    • I don't have a pretty stylesheet for it yet, so expect that to change eventually. The Homeworld:@ reference site has an example of this.
    • It's firepower reporting is inaccurate for anything with multi-barrel weapons, I can fix that but it's labor intensive. I'm going to try to fix it in a way that won't have to be redone every time I do a reparse for patches, but that'll take some coding time.
    • Currently localized names are only being loaded for about half the ships, that's going to take an unknown amount of troubleshooting.
    • Ability info isn't being processed and displayed yet. That's on the to-do, along with contextual info segments about it.
    • The FIREPOWER GRID takes up way too much space. Not sure if there's actually a way to fix that without just removing that. Some javascript to let people hide/unhide that section might be worth doing?
    • Oh whoops the firepower grid doesn't account for squadron size. Will work on that.
    • Screenshots and storytext can be added, somewhat HWShipyards style, but that's pretty labor intensive too. The Homeworld:@ reference site has an example of this.
    • Special abilities like heavy corvette burst or the various permutations of torp frigate torps are a real pain in the butt and I'm not sure how I'll ever get them working right.

    Layout and usability feedback is welcome.
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    Bear in mind a lot of the HW1 and some HW2 ships have multipliers in the .wpn files themselves on damage per shot, fire cycle times, e.t.c. Those don't appear to be accounted for.

    Also not really understanding the fire-power grid but remember that some weapons won't usually bear on certain target types due to mounting configuration or they exceed the required health to OHK making their real fire-power much less.

    Also your not including pre-fire times in beam RoF calculations. And they definitely add to the cycle time or the dreadnaught's gun would begin charging to fire whilst the first beam was still firing.
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    All the math done in the .wpn files should be accounted for. Can you point out any place where it's obviously not being done?

    The grid is just average 'ideal conditions' dps against a target with that armor and target family. The 'real world' performance will obviously depend on the factors you give, but those aren't really things I can account for this way.

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    Just checked aside from the pre-fire time error the math is correct it was me miss-rememberer part of the assault frig gun file.

    Note however that AFAIK all fighters are unarmoured, all Corvette's light armour, and all frigates medium armour, so the grid can be trimmed that way.

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