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AoE weapon damage bug confirmed and cause determined

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    AoE weapon damage bug confirmed and cause determined

    In the course of my testing, (still ongoing btw), i discovered a claim of a damage bug with AoE weaponry, (Flak Frigates, Heavy Corvette Burst Fire Ability, and Missile Corvette Missiles). Investigation showed an initial value of 20% extra damage being dealt, some consideration and a memory jog courtesy of a gearbox forums thread made me run a test on the possible cause.

    I can now confirm that the AoE attacks are calculating their damage as if they're hitting the side and/or rear armour. Probably because the AoE radius of the attack includes one or more of those facings in addition to the forward facing.

    Because they lack such modifiers strike craft are not effected by this bug, some HW1 ships won't be either as they lack modifiers or have smaller modifiers. Also Missile Corvettes vs frigates fire a significant percentage of their shots into the side and/or rear armour of the target anyway and as such get a benefit only on a very small portion of their shots.
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    That is nothing new AFAIK, but I bet developers hadn't take those into account.

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