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How do you set up a mod Test-bed?

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    How do you set up a mod Test-bed?

    Sorry for the noob question. Iam an amateur Homeworld 2 classic modder...I just got homeworld remastered and Ive been messing around with the Release file shortcut trick to get the mods to work...if that makes any sense..
    But no mods will load the only way to run a mod is through that mod tool gearbox sent out? wont that publish it? just trying to set it up like i used to with the classic version and add a command line to the shortcut path...thanks to whoever tries to understand my gibberish

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    The new way is quite handy actually. If you want to make a new HWRM mod, you go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\ and make a new folder there. We'll call it MyMod, so now you have Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\Homeworld\MyMod\. Now put in that folder any files you're making changes to, and also a text file named Keeper.txt. It doesn't need anything in it, it just needs to exist. Then in either the mods launcher or a shortcut, add "-moddatapath mymod -overridebigfile". And that's it. It should work. has a full tutorial written by gearbox covering this and further things like packaging and uploading a mod to the steam workshop.
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    I was using -datapath before, but -moddatapath seems a lot more convenient. Thanks!
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    It saves having to copy gigs of .big file around, though presently anything that mods localization is broken.Hopefully they'll fix that soon. It's worth mentioning too that the flags do handle deeper directories, so if you want to load mods from HomeworldRM\ModRepo\Dev\Data, you can do that too.

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    THANKS SIBER! wow this community is up 24.7!

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    I fixed up the localization problems yesterday. Once the next update comes out, mods with localized text will be supported (including adding new languages that the game doesn't already support). While I was working on that I also added the ability to create a "locale only" mod that allows you to localize all campaign, multiplayer and UI text for new unsupported langauges. These "locale only" mods will also work in multiplayer (they are treated as 'client size only modifications') so you don't have to have all players in a multiplayer game loading that mod to support new languages.

    Today I'm working on added 'cursors' mods so you can replace the default cursors with new cursors and those will also be 'client side only' so you can switch to alternate cursors in multiplayer if you want.

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