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Homeworld 2 R Commentated Replay Mission 4

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    Homeworld 2 R Commentated Replay Mission 4

    Hi All,

    Gameg1rl and B8factor here.

    The one and only husband and wife who enjoy gaming together!

    We record, stream, replay, and commentate games as we break them down and analyze them.

    Hang around if you are interested in being entertained and perhaps learning a bit.

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    Homeworld 2 Remastered Commentated Replay Mission 5

    by Gameg1rl and B8factor
    Includes special effects and a custom cut scene!

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    Didn't notice many differences between HW2 M04 and HW2R M04, personally. In fact, the bug that caused some of the player's strike craft to get left behind during the tactical jump was still present, which is the one thing I would have fixed about this mission if there was one thing about it that needed fixing. There's simply no way to predict whether all of your strike craft, most of them, some of them, or none of them will actually make the jump (and even the craft that do make the jump will emerge from their hangars without having been repaired) unless you take the precaution of pre-docking everything and killing the last inhibitor node with a frigate. It's a deeply flawed mission despite being conceptually very interesting.

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    This is coming from someone that has played the mission at least 20 times, I would like for the second part of the mission to be adjusted in difficulty based on performance of the first part. If someone does, and you know most people will, capture the desoryer, I want to see TONS of frigates in the 2nd part to make the final battle more difficult.

    It was a fun missions. Did you check out the video? Look in on 14 min mark and there is a custom cut scene.

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    I didn't have that bug playing Remastered M4, but I did notice the first time I got to the end of M2 my new Elite Gunships undocking as I jumped, because the carrier died just before the 6th Convoy docked.

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    I could be remembering wrong but I could have sworn that the Hyperspace Gates you capture in mission 4 don't stay with you in mission 5. Did Gearbox break something or was it always like that?

    Not receiving the elite gunships is still an existential bug, I got it my first playthrough of HW2R.

    Are there any campaign bugs that Gearbox did fix or did they just add new ones?

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