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New patch notes just dropped.

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    Healbeams are in, lots of misc fixes and modsupport improvements are in, formations and squadron changes aren't in (yet). Nice to finally have this update either way!
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    Circle strafe is in

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    I think I peed a little when I saw this:

    Added the healing beam to HW1 repair ships
    Added concept of “healing” damage
    Might this be how they got the guacamole beams working?

    This was nice to see:

    Shift-Clicking ships in the build menu will now queue up 5 ships. (HW1 feature)
    And also...

    Carriers and motherships have additional entry and docking paths to more efficiently build/dock units, greatly reducing the giant escalator queue
    Anything that cuts down on the endless conga line is solid in my book! Now they can get to work on a "remain docked" feature for SP that doesn't reset itself to "auto-launch" after every. Single. Jump.

    Would still like to see "moved end of mission hyperspace button somewhere less idiotic" in the notes. I've given up trying to puzzle out why anyone would have put it where it is in the first place. I couldn't get my head that far up my rectum.

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    I'm catching wind of various undocumented research and build time changes. Where's Carl when you need him! We need a diff report.

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    They reverted the Gravwell generators to their suicidal classic versions. Going to make the campaign even more irritating. I wonder at the implications for the multiplayer end; I guess since classic factions don't need to build hyperspace modules, they can do without hyperspace inhibitors running 24/7. The harder AI's tended to have those. Hopefully they tweaked the AI so it doesn't blow its budget on gravwells back to back.

    It's not a big list. Maybe most of the changes were under the hood.

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    Gravwells can turn off now, however it has to be done via right click menu or hot key. The Lowe right menu button only turns it on (bug?). And unlike classic, turning it off lets it recharge, but you have to repair it to get more than one cycle.

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    I was honestly not bothered by the changed gravwell mechanics. I liked the damage over time effect- it made more sense. The generator is so powerful that it tears itself apart, but it's perfectly fine until the battery goes dead and then it just blows up? And you can shut it off to save some for later, but never recharge it? That was always a bit silly.

    IMO they should have just increased the DOT so that the generator would reach zero health just as it reached zero charge (so it'd get more and more vulnerable the longer you left it on, and if you weren't paying attention, kaboom). That would have been a straight-up improvement over the way they worked in Classic.

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    It needs the ability to stop and be repaired mainly because it takes a new roll in HWR as a hyperspace inhibitor. I'm glad it didn't take the route of only inhibits when active since they removed the lock in hyperspace effect in HW1.

    Gravwells will be further tweaked in mods/patches to come according to scole.

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    @Ratamaq: Steam boobed and i didn't get the update till today, will look into it but hay fever isn't helping either.
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    Sweet, thanks Carl. According to scole, the undocumented changes are bugs. For instance, first research ship is building at :10 instead of 1:10. Would be interested in knowing if there are others.

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    Would be nice to keep that first one fast, unfair but nice, lol. Would make replacing it so much easier.
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    Homeworld 1 actually gave you 1 for free in the starting fleet, but only 2 collectors on the other hand.

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    Yes but it wouldn't be fair to have that free one now would it? I mean it isn't like the HW2 races get upgrades or anything like that is it?

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    An update has just been released. Here's the patchnotes:

    May 19, 2015

    •Ships now properly stop attacking when the ship they were attacking is salvage captured.
    •Fixed some values for Homeworld 1 cloaking ability to restore them to the same timing they were prior to the last patch.
    •Made the hyperspace time to exit honor the update rate of the game simulation. Ships should no longer over/under shoot their destinations.
    •Guard logic fixed so that ships that guard other ships now properly move and guard as one would expect.
    •Updated the guard command to use the tactics of the ship to determine how it behaves while guarding.
    •Fixed an issue where ships assigned to guard could stop if ship they were guarding engaged in combat when the guarding ship was outside of guard range.
    •• Set build time of the first Taiidan Research Ship back to what was originally shipped (60s)

    •Fixed an issue where certain key binding descriptions were read incorrectly from the player config file which caused some keybindings to fail to load.
    •Fixed a save game issue that would happen if some ships used by mission scripting were destroyed before a game was saved.
    •Fixed an issue where creating a profile after one exists, then deleting that profile and creating it again would cause a crash.
    •Fixed mouse blocking issue when player clicked near timer.
    • Various fixes for crashes found in Steam crash dumps.
    • UI speed optimizations
    • Fixed clipped/hidden "show all" build menu items.

    • Text display Top/Bottom alignment inversion issue fixed.

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