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Help with extracting and texturing Invictus!

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    Help with extracting and texturing Invictus!


    I've noticed the activity on this forum has calmed down quite alot, but hope there's still someone around who can help me!

    I want to extract the various models of the titan Invictus and texture them, so serve as a design base for a scratch built model IRL. I've managed to use Santos Tools to extract the models I've found into 3ds Max, but they end up scrambled in their various pieces. If possible, I'd like some pointers on how to get the model assembled the correct way.

    On top of that, I can't seem to get the textures to work! Could someone attempt to make it work, and then explain the procedure in broad strokes?

    Cheers in advance!

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    the space marine model files are a mess so good luck,but you should import the various parts and save making sure you untick reset scene. this hopefully will stack the titan parts so it looks the part.
    then you have the odious task of locating the dds files for the various parts and go to materials/diffuse/bitmap/bitmap/your texture for the part
    this will show the dds file in your material viewport, all u do then is click on show standard map in viewport and it will be visible in max

    there is a invictus model that i cant import so not sure if its a complete model of invictus but this is the general way if i im importing marine armour parts so should be good for the titan

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