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New Steam version? dont include the Normandy campaign?

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    New Steam version? dont include the Normandy campaign?

    I dont understand how "Manage Attachments" work on this board any longer, so i have
    forced myself to upload this screendumps on hosting site

    As you can see...i have installed the new steam version from scratch, but when it started to download
    it only included the expansion pack, what if i wanna play the Normandy campaign on new steam version?
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    Be sure to use your product key for the base game in Steam as well. It looks like you only used the expansion product keys.

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    Im glad you said that, cause it reminded me that i don't need to use my direct X 10 edition with discs, i go trough steam like the others,
    well somebody said at another forum that it was only the expansion packs that was Steamable..but that wasn't true.

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