I had an unexpected burst of productivity not too long ago and finally started writing the story I'd envisioned as the second entry in the corvette series I'd intended Cavalier to be the first entry in. It's titled Stormbreakers (after the squadron the story focuses on, a Tempest-equipped Sobani unit hired out to Kiith Manaan). Here's the prologue, in which a recurring character burns her bridges...

I pretty much had to cook up a calendar for this. Uses the same number of months and days per week, but all the names are different. The month names reflect the journey of the Kushan people from Hiigara to Kharak and back again; the days of the week are named in much the same way as we've named them in our own culture (after gods and whatnot):

The Kushan/Hiigaran week:
Firsday (literally First Day)
Jaksday (Jakuul's Day)
Quarday (The day of Quaar-Jet- a day of vigil and fasting for more religious Kushan)
Kiithsday (traditional day of family and clan celebration)
Landsday (named for the Landfall)
Ensday (End's Day- the end of the week. Possible End Times reference)
Sajjday (Sajuuk's Day- traditional day of prayer and rest; regarded as standing apart from the week as such)

The year:
Exile (equivalent to February- the depth of winter)
Sojourn (March)
Sand (April)- A holiday akin to Thanksgiving occurs in this month; it marks the discovery of Kharak after the long journey of the Exiles.
Kiith (May)- The first Kiithsday of this month would hold special significance for every Kushan as a celebration of heritage and honor... especially for Sobani.
Faith (June)
Reason (July)- Kiith Naabal celebrates a holiday in this month commemorating the end of the Heresy Wars.
Discovery (August)
Ambition (September)- Culminates in a celebration of the Mothership's launch, always on the last day of the month.
Mourning (October)- The first Quarday of this month would be used to mark the Burning of Kharak, with regular days of prayer and fasting every Quarday for the rest of the month.
Justice (November)- Some Kushan celebrate the destruction of the Taiidan fleet that burned Kharak; others celebrate the death of the Emperor; no two Kiithid share a common day for these occasions.
Exodus (December)
Landfall (January)- The last Landsday of the month marks the Hiigarans' New Years' celebration even though the month does not always end on that day.

I might have gotten a little too into it.