Hello guys! New member here. I've been reading these forums everyday since i started taking interest in modding first dow2, and now space marine.
With no experience in modding at all, I managed thanks to the tutorials and the other mods posted here to create something I like. (Actually, a mere recolor-but i'm happy with it)
I still can't make Titus wear the armour i want in the singleplayer. To be specific, the Legion of the damned one. I tried everything, modifying attr_pc files, swap parts, change files in the art folder. Nothing seems to work. I know I'm doing something wrong, and i'm really losing sleep on this.
So, if someone who understands a bit of modding or knows how to do this thing is reading... I beg you, answer! I am not asking to create this mini mod for me, I want to do it by myself, I want to learn how to do it so i can be at peace and starting swapping armour parts as i please without bothering anyone.

God bless you!