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New Homeworld Shipbreakers vid

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    New Homeworld Shipbreakers vid

    This showed up at the Unite 2015 conference in Boston. Seems the game takes place before Homeworld 2 now. sm

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    As an old fart, I do hope they don't fuck the universe over like they did with Homeworld 2. Killing off any major races that aren't the Hiigarans? Bad fucking move. (I'm still bitter as all get out about it, and to me, canon should stop at Cata, because dammit I'm the only person who loved Cata and who also thinks the Vaygr suck.)

    But the video is pretty awesome, and I look forward to seeing what pre-HW2 plot is.

    *shakes cane*

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    Well I intended to only to watch the first part with the trailer they show, but the camera stuff they talked about turned out to be really interesting. When they mentioned quaternions I knew there wouldn't be any gimbal lock (which I always ran into with 3d cameras).

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    Well, Shipbreakes has a new name. "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak". Has a decent announcement trailer out and it's due Jan 20. You can preorder now. Also
    "Already own Homeworld Remastered? Login to see your special pre-purchase discount."

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