Hello All
I have installed CoH on several different PC's over the years as my machine ownership has evolved. I have the original CoH, CoH Opposing fronts and COH Tales of Valour, all on disk (not steam). As you might expect, I have recently had to upgrade to Windows 10 on a machine that did not previously have the games installed. After the upgrade, I loaded on ToV and then patched to 2.602. The start up menus looked okay but I did not try to run the game. Next I wished to unlock the original CoH missions and those of Opposing fronts so, starting with the original CoH disk, I inserted the disk, entered the product key and the first mission was unlocked. I repeated this with the opposing fronts disk but received a message "This application is not compatible with the installed Operating System", and the two opposing fronts missions were not unlocked.

I then uninstalled the game, deleted the remaining THQ directory, ran registry clean up tools, but did not do any examination or editing of the registry manually. I then installed opposing fronts directly on its own, but when attempting to enter the product key received the same operating system error message.

I then carried out the same uninstall process again, and proceeded to install the original CoH game and then patch it all the way up to 2.602, one patch file at a time. The start up menu showed the original CoH mission available, so I then entered the product key for ToV, which enabled the ToV missions. But the same error appeared when entering the opposing fronts product key.

I tried setting the desktop icon to various compatibility mode settings and used the icon to start the game but this was of no help. I cannot understand why, if the original CoH works okay, then surely opposing fronts should too. It does not appear to be a problem with windows 10 in particular.

Please can anyone help with this problem. Thanks in advance.