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Serious problem,elite pass code not working

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    Serious problem,elite pass code not working

    Hi i'm from italy,i bought the game used,tried the pass and not working...ok.

    So i bought the game AGAIN for using the elite pass and still not working...the game isn't anymore on the psn.

    Now this is really unaceptable as you can understand...what can i do to unlock the multiplayer? please help in the name of de emprah

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    It's for ps3 too,not pc

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    Well,i speaked with SEGA and they can't do nothing...amazing.
    Someone bought the game in 2015 and tried the code? maybe in UK/US this works...let me know

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    Unfortunately not. The elite pass was a THQ thing, and with THQ, and the codes removed from Xbox and PSN the system to verify the elite pass codes doesn't exist anymore. Not much you can do about that.

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    Even in UK/US?

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