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Steam bundle

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    Steam bundle

    I saw that this game is in the current steam sale and I would like to know a couple of things:

    -Does this bundle include all the various dlc garbage, including doctrines and stuff?

    -Does Relic plan to add more stuff or the game is fundamentally finished?

    -i5 skylake 3,5 Ghz and gtx 660 oc: can I get constant 50-60 fps all times?
    Here's the bundle:

    Thank you.

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    No, pure and simple it does not include any other commanders, skins, faceplates, etc.
    HOWEVER, it includes the base game and all the xp armies, the missions are just icing and not really re playable except with a friend, but those are just tossed in as a bonus.
    also, we cannot speculate on if relic is finished with the game
    with a gtx 660 u should get a stable framerate, w/o max settings
    lastly, again I'd like to point out that no it doesn't include the commanders which does affect gameplay but not terribly much and you can in theory earn all of them in game, or shell out a few extra pounds/dollars (idk where you're from)
    have a good day!

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