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Gentlemen.. And Ladies....

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    Gentlemen.. And Ladies....

    Not long now.

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    It's has been a privilege indeed.

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    I teleported home one night,
    With Ron and Sid and Meg.
    Ron stole Meggie's heart away,
    And I got Sidney's leg.

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    Double posting

    I'm going to miss this place

    signing out for the last time

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    So have we just hit the iceberg or is the forum about to break in half and sink?

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    Thank you all, for the awesome times. From the boardwars, to the Trial of heroes community events, to map making, this has been an awesome experience. Good luck, everyone! You were the best community ever!

    Formerly known as Ragnarok2504

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    Rent-a -- well there's a lifeboat forum setup so I'd say its hit the ice burg and sinking and the cracking of the hull is when the admin finally press the big red button to kill it off..

    It's been great times - sad to see the site go!

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    Yeah, I know, sigh, but "end of January" is a bit vague like

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    I'm expecting it in the next few days cause then we run out of January

    Heck it might actually go on longer if the "end" is just the staff not renewing the contract and waiting for the host to kill it off

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    I think i can speak for everyone when i say: Rest in pasta, never forgetti.
    Pro-Skub, supporting the idea of new heroes for the Last Stand as DLC since 1967.
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    It was a blast, all.

    I wish you all the very best going forwards.


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    We had a good run.
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    In the beginning there was nothing. Then Steam crashed.

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    *plays a sad violin*
    Knife King of Doltland

    I'm not surprised. Anything within three feet of you seems to end up full of knife shaped holes.

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    Aye looks like this is goodbye, probably since i imagine the host is in the US either 11ish today or tomorrow, bad at the time zone conversions.
    I don't know what i'm talking about, ignore me.

    Thousands of years ago, Egyptians worshipped what would become our ordinary housecat. The cats have never forgotten this.

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    I'll miss this place. I spent most of last night trying to find a good Homeworld picture to say goodbye with, then even more trying to take a screenshot in game but alas.

    I will miss this place. It was a home on the Internet and my only gaming community.

    But all that moves is easily heard in the void. Farewell.
    Those Halcyon Days...

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    Superposition of your place and mine
    Take care everyone.

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    I'll miss this place as well. It's actually the only forum I still posted on from time to time. It has been a privilege for sure. Off into the void we go I guess.

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    Discord has softened the pain of seeing the forum finally die. And still i will miss it. Thank you to everyone who made it an enjoyable place over those many years.
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    Discord feels more lively than the forum has been in years. Those who haven't yet taken the plunge, give it a try!

    Otherwise, well...

    "We pray for the souls adrift on the tide. May those who are lost find peace. All our fathers and all our brothers. We pray for souls adrift on the tide."
    Like the Emperor's own hammer of war!

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    "Fear nothing except in the certainty that you are your enemy's begetter and its only hope of healing. For everything that does evil is in pain."
    -The Maestro Sartori, Imajica by Clive Barker

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    So what time is it going down? End of Jan 31st US east time or???

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    So long and thanks for all the fish.

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    Seems like bots wanted to say goodbye too:

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    Forums will shutdown before the end of the day on Janurary 31st somewhere around after 5p CST

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    There is power in words.

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    Last one out, turn off the lights.

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    Bye, dolts. This was a great place, once. I wish it could be again, but I guess it's finally time to say 'goodbye'.

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    Singapore is a fine city!
    All the best, dolts. I'll still be lurking on Discord though!
    Quote Originally Posted by chelovek_veliki
    Three FW squads plus Pathfinders plus snares and your base will be as unapproachable as I was by girls in high school.

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    Last one out, turn off the lights.
    Will try . I figure it'll go down in a few hours while i'm watching youtube videos. Gonna mis this place a lot .

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    RIP Relic news. I'm going to need a new homepage.

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    Rommel said that at Tobruk, when Hitler demanded to know why he allowed a colonial division to fire the might of the German army, and Rommel said, "This isn't a colonial division, it's an Australian division. Give me two Australian divisions and I'll conquer the World for you."

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    Had been hoping to stay awake see the old place go proper like, but my sleepings a mess this last week again and i'm just too tired. I figure unless they're running late i'll be asleep when they pull the plug. Probably lurk in the discord and Paladins place a bit, but not sure how much i'll interact. Hopefully catch you all around.

    Seems appropriate, skip to 10:21 since forum is too old to handle timed links .

    Last edited by Carl; 31st Jan 17 at 2:51 AM.

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    The end is near, run for your life!

    What´s left to say expect, farewell everyone
    Me likes small bunny rabbit!

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    Bye all! It was quite the thing.

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