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My_Mod Main Menu Leader Previewer Problem.

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    My_Mod Main Menu Leader Previewer Problem.

    In the opening menu of the game after startup, you'd see the leader of the last faction you played as well as the soul storm in the background. I had some sort of hiccup that forced me to re-verify game cache files from Steam to get the game to run again. At first, I thought it was something I accidentally switched in my mod, but when the download from Steam was done my mod- unchanged from when the game crashed, came up without problems. But I no longer see the leader previewer or soul storm graphic on the main window. When switching it back to the normal game mod these came up, but switching to my mod doesn't. The game still runs just fine and my mod hasn't had problems, however. What got flip and how do I fix it?
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    Check your \My_Mod\Data\frontendmodels.lua It may have been edited in a way that affected the models table.

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    By the file path you're showing I take it that it's not a sub folder under something below My_Mod\Data?

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    Under\My_Mod\Data I have the following folders: art, Attrib, game, medata, scar, Scenarios, Sound. I don't see a frontendmodels anywhere.

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    It'll be in the SGA archive. Use Corsix ModStudio to extract it.

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