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No one's left... Everything's gone.

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    Gauteng,South Africa
    Will never forget this place at all.I have some old saved pages from here with the cool HW1 forum theme.Will keep them forever!The forums atm is a town where the last remnants are about to disappear forever....

    So long and farewell and .


    Thank you and good night.
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    Thank Relicnews. Goodbye. I've made it a habit to check on this place, pretty regularly, for a decade. I'll probably accidently do it for a bit.

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    Its been fun reading guys, to Discord!
    This is a test signature.

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    In a text book
    Good bye
    there is no place like

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    Missouri USA
    Farewell everyone, see you all wherever and whenever we cross paths. Forward into the breach!

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    So long everyone. Sad to see this place go, but I suppose everything has its time.

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    Later fellas. Lots of strangely fond memories tied up here despite primarily lurking. Welp, here's to lurking in Discord!

  9. General Discussions Senior Member The Studio Senior Member Boardwars Senior Member  #59
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    So long and thanks for all the fish.

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    Eye of Terror
    Sanity is for the weak! Do you hear the voices, too? The reign of the false Emperor is over at last. I am destruction incarnate! Despair, for I am the end of days. MAIM KILL BURN! MAIM KILL BURN! Blood for the Blood God! Who are you to order me, fool? Don't think you can order me around....


    Goodbye RN.
    Fools! I am Herzog Zwei....
    Fare thee well RN, fare thee well... RIP 2017.

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    [sad mariachi playing in the distance]
    Pro-Skub, supporting the idea of new heroes for the Last Stand as DLC since 1967.
    Mod forum: SWR

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    Idling at the TR Warpgate
    Are we dead yet?
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    There's nothing left for us here, let's go!
    --Fleet Intelligence, end of mission 3.

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  16. Gamers Lounge Senior Member Company of Heroes Senior Member Dawn of War II Senior Member  #66
    Nice to see the forum is just as awkward as I am when it comes to goodbyes
    One step closer to the end of the decadent Eldar race.
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    Sep 2004

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    Treat me like a lady! Stargazer's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Fort Kickass

    I don't know most of you, but I will always remember your avatars.

    Thank you.
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    Hopefully at the lake. Miss that place terribly in the winter.
    It's a goddamn good thing individual posts don't have a karma button. My finger would be very sore by now, reading and clicking through all of these usernames.
    Who the hell thought "erectus" was a good species name for our ancestors?

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    Oh, I didn't expect this to still be here.

    I navigated here to visit the "gravesite."

    I actually smiled when the page loaded up.

    I guess we get some bonus time.

  22. General Discussions Senior Member Dawn of War Senior Member  #72
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    Adelaide, South Australia
    Oh, I didn't expect this to still be here.

    I navigated here to visit the "gravesite."

    I actually smiled when the page loaded up.

    I guess we get some bonus time.
    I'm glad it wasn't just me doing that
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    Singapore is a fine city!
    My Chrome (still) is set to load RelicNews on startup, so I'm always visiting in some capacity...
    Quote Originally Posted by chelovek_veliki
    Three FW squads plus Pathfinders plus snares and your base will be as unapproachable as I was by girls in high school.

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    Bristol, UK
    Glad I'm not the only one, I just automatically came to RN then navigated to the lounge before realizing of course there won't be anything new. Gonna be hard to break 10+ years of autopilot.

  25. Dolt Dolt Dolt Dolt Dolt  #75
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    Idling at the TR Warpgate
    The afterlife is surprisingly familiar.

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    Exeter, UK
    Some things never change

  27. Modding Senior Member Tabletop Senior Member Boardwars Senior Member  #77
    Not too late to make a goodbye post, then

    I am an Iron Warrior. Iron Within, Iron Without.

  28. Child's Play Donor General Discussions Senior Member Homeworld Senior Member The Workshop Senior Member  #78
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    Scania, Sweden
    Are we still here? Sentimental morons the lot of us.

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    We can't let it go

    I teleported home one night,
    With Ron and Sid and Meg.
    Ron stole Meggie's heart away,
    And I got Sidney's leg.

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    Coahuila, México!
    What is dead may never die!

    Formerly known as Ragnarok2504

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    Thanks for all the moments everyone, see you out there..

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    Food goes in here corncobman's Avatar
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    Norn Iron
    So it's really happened then?

    I'm saddened. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. Hopefully this place will come back in another form out there.
    -It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end (Douglas Adams)-
    -Make something idiot proof and nature will create a better idiot.-
    -Me fail English? That's unpossible!-

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    It´s just a dream, tomorrow we will wake up and everything is fine!
    Me likes small bunny rabbit!

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    I didn't come here often, only for the mods. But to see a place die after such a long well relicnews, may you find your place at the Emperor's side.

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    What the hell y'all I don't visit for a couple of years and suddenly everything's gone dead? I should have stayed and force-fed the forum a preponderance of low quality posts to keep it alive

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    It has been an honor, friends. See you around!

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    Yeh dangit, my morning coffee still includes relicnews..

    Sad to see it close, see ya all out there.

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    Somewhere between madness and apathy
    Fucking hell, talk about a prolonging a death.

    It has been a ride and the most enjoyable forum I've ever frequented.

    Take care; even if we didn't agree on the boards, I genuinely mean that.

    Catch you in the ether folks.

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    I just realized I forgot to download a copy of the hybrid_servitors.lua and I've forgotten how to make my own. Anyone got a backup somewhere? Thanks.
    Where's the Bloody Taanks!!??

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