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TWAIN Driver for Canoscan N650U flatbed scanner

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    TWAIN Driver for Canoscan N650U flatbed scanner

    Okay, I was using it just fine two days ago, scanning some CD covers for my revised web site, but last night, I could not get Photoshop, Scangear (the Canon software that came with the scanner) or Corel Photo Paint to acquire an image from the scanner.

    I kept getting TWAIN errors. The one from the scangear toolbox was particularly interesting "Twain Server Not Found".

    I've done the usual things. I check to ensure that the scanner was working, which it was. I unplugged it and uninstalled the driver. I downloaded the latest driver, restarted, plugged the scanner back in and reinstalled the new driver. But I'm still running into problems!

    Has anyone ever had problems getting a scanner to work with software that it should be compatable with??

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    Never mind. I must say that Canon customer support is EXCELLENT!!!!

    I called a guy, he listened to what I had already done, then he walked me through a few steps that I had not done, and he said I have a problem.

    Then he instructed me and walked me through setting up a new account while in SafeMode, and viola! I have my TWAIN TWACKS back.

    All I had to do was transfer my settings from my old account, and in 20 minutes I was back in business.

    He said that occasionally, he sees people that simply have corrupt user accounts, and this is the simplest way to get it taken care of. He said that he usually refers people to a repair center at this point, but since I seemed to know a thing or two, that he'd stay on the line an help (suck up he was, which was good).

    Consequently, I'm going to recommend Canon for their CS.

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