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What we know how to mod so far + FAQ (Updated 11 Nov 2004)

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    What we know how to mod so far + FAQ (Updated 11 Nov 2004)

    OK, here's a list of what we (the community at large) know how to do, and what we still don't know.
    I read the forum way too much, so if you make a discovery and post about it, it'll turn up here pretty quickly. If it doesn't, nudge me with a Private Message.
    Let me know if I've left out any categories of modding that you'd like to see up here.
    Hopefully, when people decide to start their mod careers, they'll look at the stickies (I can dream, right?) and have a big head start.

    Official Mod tools!
    This package includes: Attribute Editor, Audio Editor, Chunky Viewer, FX Tool, Mission Editor, Mod Packager, and Object editor. Read Rymafyr's FAQ

    Official Wiki:
    RDN Wiki : You need to be logged into RDN to view the wiki. Then, if you want to contribute to the Wiki, you must register again. (That's just silly!)

    Unpacking SGA archives.
    The SGA files are like ZIP files. They contain a bunch of little files, the files that make the game work. Use SpookyRAT or Corsix's SGA Reader to extract the files, then edit them with other programs. Don't use the "Decompile LUA" option. The LUA files are not compiled.
    Directory: W40K
    Extension: SGA
    Tool: Spooky's SpookyRAT.[download] [thread]
    Corsix's SGA Reader. [download] [thread]

    Making badges and Banners
    A tutorial thread

    Unofficial DOW Wiki
    A user-made encyclopedia

    unit models and animations
    Directory: W40K\Data\art\ebps\races\racename\troops\
    Extension: WHM
    Tool: Beroc is working on it.

    unit hardpoints (MEX files, kinda)
    Directory: W40K\Data\art\ebps\races\racename\troops\
    Extension: WHE
    Tool: Beroc is working on it.

    unit textures
    Directory: W40K\Data\art\ebps\racename\texture_share\
    Extension: WTP, RSH
    Tool: Spooky's SpookyRSH. (Non-team-colored textures) [download] [thread]
    Beroc's WTP Extractor. (Team-colored textures)[download][thread]

    Directory: W40K\Data\attrib\formations
    Extension: LUA
    Tool: Any text editor, or
    v3sS0n's formation editor. [download] [thread] or
    Corsix's formation editor. [download] [thread]

    Ingame text
    warning:Changing these files can cause problems, like crashing your game at odd intervals. Here's a safer way to edit in-game text. Any place in a LUA file that you see a reference to the lists of text, like this:

    GameData["ui_ext"]["ui_info"]["help_text_list"]["text_01"] = "$94282"

    You can replace it with the text you want, like this:

    GameData["ui_ext"]["ui_info"]["help_text_list"]["text_01"] = "This is custom text"
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    Here's a nice little FAQ that should answer most questions new people to modding DoW have.

    Can you tell me what SCAR function XYZ does?
    Look through the forums and try to find out if the function has already been documented. If the function is not documented, and if it's a specific question about a specific SCAR function, then Relic has hinted that they will answer questions regarding such functions.

    I have a cool idea, but don't know how to implement it in SCAR, can you help?
    Feel free to ask on the forums, somone is bound to have an idea. Please note that Relic probably won't be answering these types of questions (at least for the time being).

    What files should I distribute to people when I release my MOD?
    Releasing any files that you have modified is sufficient. You do not need to release unmodified files. For instance, if your mod modifies only a single file, then you only need to “release” that single file to the public, not all the files you have extracted.

    If you have any questions you'd like answered, or something doesn't make sense. Please PM me or SvK.

    {Edit} - just added clarification that it is the Relic tools Pike is talking about! {/edit}
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